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8 reasons to buy

  • The insulation of the Fizik Artica X5 keeps the feet warm in chilly weather, which most reviewers appreciate.
  • The shoe’s efficient waterproof feature receives positive remarks from the majority of the testers.
  • This Fizik off-road shoe is comfortable, according to a lot of cyclists.
  • A handful of first-time winter bike shoe wearers say that the Artica X5’s quality and efficiency far exceed their usual cycling shoe-and-overshoe combination.
  • Its grippy outsoles provide stability on slippery surfaces, say a couple of riders.
  • Some purchasers especially love this pair’s sleek yet efficient design.
  • The pair’s upper material is very easy to clean, say a number of commenters.
  • It has adequately stiff soles, a few reviewers have mentioned.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A handful of users claim that when the temperature begins to go below zero, the cold starts to creep in.
  • Some mention that when it’s not too chilly, moisture accumulates.
  • A few have said that the zipper-velcro combination presses against the shin in certain positions.

Bottom line

Winter cycling requires a particular type of bike shoe. The Artica X5 by Fizik is equipped with all the essential features to make winter riding possible and more pleasant. It is especially loved for its insulation and waterproof build.

The shoe, as with any other, comes with a few drawbacks but proves to be better than overshoes. In all, it is a light yet efficient winter MTB shoe recommended to cyclists who have no off-seasons.

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Good to know

An MTB version of its road counterpart called the Artica R5, the Fizik Artica X5, employs winter-specific features for year-round fun on the bike. The shoe possesses advanced insulation and waterproof properties to keep feet dry and warm during the ride.

This pair uses a unique two-layer technology to ensure warmth. The inner-most layer insulates and keeps the foot snug, while the outer features a Microtex reinforced shell for support and protection.

The internal Speed Lacing system governs the pair’s lockdown fit, while a zipper and Velcro combination protects the laces from getting caught in the bike and enhances warmth and waterproofing. A carbon-reinforced sole with rubber lugs provides power transfer and grip.

Tough, light, and adequately stiff. This pair’s sole provides essential power transfer and light yet sturdy pedaling feel. 

Sticky soles. Equipped with rubber lugs, the wearers will be able to stay upright even on icy surfaces.

Steel toe spikes can be attached. The Fizik Artica X5 is designed to accommodate steel toe spikes. These spikes are sold separately and are meant to enhance grip.

These winter mountain cycling shoes come with the traditional MTB two-bolt cleat design. Some of the pedals that are suitable for this pair are Time ATAC XC8 Clipless, Shimano XTR M9020, and Crank Brothers Mallet Enduro.

The cleat area of the Artica X5 is recessed into the sole, which makes walking comfortable and more natural.

Waterproof, insulated, and easy to clean. Wrapped in premium leather and a sleek design, this bike shoe keeps elements at bay and maintains the wearer’s comfort despite the chilly temperature.

Shapes to the foot. With the internal Speed Lacing system, the fit could be easily tightened and loosened comfortably. The zipper and high-top Velcro fastenings enhance fit, warmth, and waterproofing.

Structured support. The Artica X5’s upper has a Microtex reinforced shell, which provides support, stability, and lasting shape.

This shoe sports the brand’s proprietary winter insole design. The Fizik winter edition cycling insole features a cozy fleece outer lining to keep feet comfortable while the underside is wrapped in aluminum foil for added insulation.


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