Five Ten Verdon VCS notable features

-An adequately sensitive shoe thanks to its slip-lasted construction, the Five Ten Verdon VCS targets users who wish to rack up vertical miles with enhanced edging capabilities. It promises day-one comfort for those who cannot be bothered with drawn-out break-in periods.

-This all-rounder has a stiff construction, making it one of Five Ten’s more supportive climbing shoes. Its designers furnished it with a proprietary outsole called Stealth C4 for underfoot surface adherence.


Downturn. The Verdon VCS is part of Five Ten’s family of moderate climbing shoes. Its slightly downturned forefoot enables the shoe to have more ground contact, allowing the sender to pull off a variety of climbing maneuvers as a result. It also helps the foot to mount on tricky projections without sacrificing comfort.

Applications. This moderate rock shoe from Five Ten may be used both indoors and outdoors. It is built mainly for bouldering projects.


A below-the-ankle rock climbing shoe for men is the Five Ten Verdon VCS. Its high asymmetry (a.k.a curved construction) translates to requiring the foot to bend inward. Its lined upper is designed to stretch to up to half a size. Thanks to the midsole’s molded piece, the shoe has a contoured (natural) feel underfoot. Its Velcro strapping system allows for a personalized fit.


Midsole. The Verdon VCS’ supply of support is courtesy of its stiff midsole made of thermoplastic. It comes with a molded EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) piece, which contributes to the overall supportiveness of the shoe.

Outsole. With the Verdon VCS’ grippy Stealth C4 outsole, lovers of the climb can reach heights with enough surface traction. 5.10 designers gave it an overall thickness of 4.2 mm for increased longevity. It is made of a rubber compound that favors edge-type surfaces. Hard friction and vibration damping are two of its key features.


Sporting the Five Ten Verdon VCS means being seen in its split-grain leather upper. It comes engineered with a leather liner. Access to and from its cozy confines is a relatively quick affair, thanks to its wide enough cuff and pair of synthetic pull loops.

It has a forefoot rand with an in-built inner toe patch for toe-hooking grip. Its rearfoot zone is also adequately randed to make heel maneuvers as safe and secure as possible.

Making the Verdon VCS’s upper come in full circle is the shoe’s Velcro closure. It consists of a pair of hook-and-loop straps.


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