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7 reasons to buy

  • Nearly everyone who has seen the Five Ten Sleuth DLX adores its sleek, sneaker-like design.
  • Most reviewers find this shoe to be very comfortable.
  • It grips on the pedals, almost feeling like being clipped in, according to plenty of cyclists.
  • Some testers say that the sole is stiff enough for power transfer while also providing flex for walking comfort.
  • About a handful of buyers applaud the Sleuth DLX's quality in both materials and build.
  • A few wearers appreciate the pair's water-resistant suede upper.
  • It is an excellent all-around mountain bike shoe, according to a couple of commenters.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a number of users gripe about how the suede upper is quite difficult to clean.
  • A cyclist says that it would have been better if this Five Ten bike shoe featured a padded tongue.
  • Another rider expresses that adding protective toe caps would've made this shoe perfect.

Bottom line

The Sleuth DLX bike shoe symbolizes the first true collaboration between Adidas and 5 10. The shoe's design is based on the classic Adidas Samba, while its technical features and functions are backed up by Five Ten's know-how. The result is a comfortable, efficient, and good-looking bike shoe.

To deal with this pair's most-mentioned con, some users recommend spraying it with a shoe protector to make cleaning easier.

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Good to know

What makes it different? The Five Ten Sleuth DLX MTB shoe was designed around Adidas' second best-selling sneaker called the Samba. Hence, it displays a more casual look, which appeals to many MTB riders who don't like the typically burly design of most MTB shoes.

It is also the first Five Ten model to display Adidas' Three Stripe logo.

Who is it for? Described by the brand to be both a bike shoe and an everyday sneaker, the Sleuth DLX is functional and stylish at the same time. It is meant to cater to MTB riders who prefer the following features in their footwear:

  • Sleek, sneaker-like aesthetic
  • Grippy flat outsoles
  • Soles that provide a balance between rigidity and flex

What is it for? This shoe is perfect for:

  • Light/leisurely mountain cycling
  • Urban commutes

Grip and power transfer. The Five Ten Sleuth DLX employs the brand's non-marking Stealth Phantom rubber. This rubber compound was originally engineered specifically for the military. It yields excellent grip, adequate stiffness with a modest flex for all-day comfort.

This shoe also features the brand's Micro Dotty outsole tread, which provides off-bike grip and vibration dampening as well.

The Five Ten Sleuth DLX is a flat MTB shoe that works excellently with the following mountain bike flat pedals: Spank Oozy Trail, Exotic Thermoplastic and Nukeproof Horizon Pro.

Water-resistant. This pair's upper is crafted from suede, which was inspired by the Adidas sneaker mentioned above, This material is water-resistant, which works together with the leather tongue in keeping the elements out.

Lockdown. The Five Ten Sleuth DLX's closure features the traditional lace-up system. It offers a secure fit without pressure points.


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