Updates to Five Ten Quantum

  • The Five Ten Quantum is an all-around rock shoe that can be used for a variety of climbing scenarios. It is equipped with performance-centric technologies which aid users to tackle different rock surfaces and angles.
  • This Five Ten offering builds on the features of its predecessor. The brand has made it a point to revamp the shoe’s major components to deliver improvement in most aspects. Shown below are the updates integrated into the Quantum’s latest iteration.
  • Five Ten updated the previous Quantum’s Cowdura upper with a lined one made of a fully synthetic Clarino. This material prevents the upper from stretching too much.
  • The revamped Five Ten Quantum now comes with the proprietary Stealth C4 outsole, replacing its former outsole—the Stealth Onyxx. Its construction allows climbers to stick to micro-edges and tiny nubbins.
  • The Quantum features an Ariaprene tongue which is both padded and perforated. It is engineered to improve ventilation and supply comfort to the wearer.
  • The Five Ten’s latest version employs a new last that has a downturned toe design. It is slightly wider than its predecessor’s conventional downturned last to give more comfort for long routes.
  • The previous Quantum’s Mystique rand has been redesigned by Five Ten. The latest iteration uses a rand made of Stealth C4 rubber, the same material used in its outsole.


Downturn. The Quantum from 5.10 is a rock climbing shoe with an aggressive down-camber. Its construction allows users to gain a foothold on tiny nubbins, micro edges, and small smears. 

Applications. Five Ten engineered the Quantum to give versatile performance and comfort for a wide range of climbing styles. This shoe can be used for steep overhanging routes and technical climbs. It can also be worn for both indoor and outdoor send attempts.


The Five Ten Quantum is a low-top men’s climbing shoe. Its conventional lace-up closure allows wearers to get a secure and customized lockdown. Its padded Adiaprene tongue wraps around the user’s foot, giving a comfy, intimate fit.

This Five Ten offering uses a slightly wider asymmetric last. This design element allows the user’s foot to sit in a more natural position. It also delivers a comfy fit required for long climbing sessions


Midsole. This synthetic climbing shoe from Five Ten employs a stiff midsole. Its construction allows climbers to gain a supportive platform when dealing with edges. The midsole’s stiffness also prevents calf-pump when tackling longer climbs.

Outsole. The Five Ten Quantum is capable of gripping on most types of rocky surfaces because of its 4.2-mm-thick Stealth C4 outsole. Its sticky rubber composition gives climbers enough traction to gain a foothold on tricky terrain. The sole’s rear portion extends to the heel section for added heel-hooking assistance.


The Five Ten Quantum’s low-top lined upper is made primarily of Clarino fabric. It is a fully synthetic material that prevents the shoe from stretching beyond half a size. A rubber rand wraps around the upper’s base for added protection and security when dealing with tricky surfaces. 

Its lacing system uses a flat lace and eight pairs of eyelets to manage the shoe’s fit. The Quantum’s perforated Adiaprene tongue provides both comfort and breathability. It also has two pull tabs around the collar for easy on and off.

Additional Info

  • Buyers who need a pair that can be used for both hiking and climbing may want to consider some of the best approach shoes out on the market. They are equipped with technologies that may be used for these activities.

Five Ten Quantum vs. Dragon

The Quantum and Dragon are some of Five Ten’s aggressive offerings for climbing enthusiasts. Listed below are some significant differences between these climbing shoes.

Utility. Five Ten developed the Dragon as a high-performance piece for bouldering. It can also be employed for overhanging and steep routes. For the Five Ten Quantum, see the Applications section above.

Outsole. The Five Ten Dragon’s Stealth HF (High Friction) outsole is thinner than the 4.2-mm-thick Stealth C4 found on the Quantum. Its 3.5-mm rubber composition is designed for sensitivity and grip.

Midsole. The Dragon uses a split sole design. The stiff and thick outsole portion in front is paired with a softer midsole at the heel. The combination of these design elements provides more flexibility and precision.


The current trend of Five Ten Quantum.
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