Who should buy the Five Ten NIAD Moccasym

The Five Ten NIAD Moccasym might benefit you if:

  • A climbing shoe that does not take long to get comfortable is what you are after.
  • You are looking for a shoe comfy enough for both gym and sports climbing.
  • You are after a climbing companion with an outstanding grip to prevent slippage. 

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Who should not buy the Five Ten NIAD Moccasym

Climbers looking for a shoe that performs well on cracks may have to look elsewhere. It has been observed that ascending fissures might not be the NIAD Moccasym’s forte. One user blames it for the weird placement of the rubber toe patch. Also, wide-footed wearers may likewise have to take the Five Ten NIAD Moccasym off their list. Someone who normally wears climbing kicks in size 11 finds the toe box of this shoe too narrow.

5.10 NIAD Moccasym: A more determined climber

If you thought that the NIAD Moccasym looks familiar, then you have a pretty good memory. As a matter of fact, the shoe in question is the successor to the Anasazi Moccasym. The points that follow detail the NIAD Moccasym’s changes over its predecessor.

Bigger toe patch. This is where the “more determined climber” really comes from. Compared with the Anasazi Moccasym, the rubber patch on the featured shoe has a wider coverage, which allows for more climbing options while toe-hooking.

Slip-lasted no more. The NIAD Moccasym now has a board-lasted construction, which leaves the shoe sturdier than ever. This extra rigidity provides additional support, as well as lasting comfort on extended climbs.

Longer outsole life. Five Ten engineers opted to thicken the NIAD Moccasym’s sticky rubber outsole for longevity. In contrast, the Anasazi Moccasym was only 2 mm thick.

Five Ten NIAD Moccasym Toe1

Boulder ascender

Most of those who have thoroughly tested the Five Ten NIAD Moccasym recommend said shoe highly for bouldering.

Quick break-in time

The climbing shoe only requires a few sessions and the leather would wrap around your foot like a sock, says one owner. 

Zero air pockets

Climbers appreciate that the heel section of the Five Ten NIAD Moccasym has no dead space at all.

Five Ten NIAD Moccasym Heel1

A wall and rock biter

Tenacity on the wall or rock is something you can bank on in this remarkable shoe from Five Ten

Additional info

  • This revamped Moccasym is but 1/3 of the NIAD family. Yes, it is joined by Five Ten’s NIAD VCS and NIAD Lace.
  • NIAD is an acronym for Nose in a Day—a rite of passage that climbers participate in on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 258g
Construction: Board lasted
Closure: Slip-on
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Neutral
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Leather

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