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The Anasazi Lace is back but better than ever in the NIAD Lace, according to a professional reviewer. That said, this all-rounder from Five Ten is able to "forge a reputation of its own", as another tester puts it, with its exemplary platforming capabilities and dreamy confines. Indeed, staying in command is the shoe's A-game, and you'll be doing so for many sends, thanks to its stellar durability.


  • Tough as nails
  • Edges like a champ
  • Mighty adhesive
  • Comfier than its predecessor
  • Fantastic heel fit
  • Great on pockets
  • Breathable


  • Subpar sensitivity
  • Uninspiring on toe hooks

Who should buy the Five Ten NIAD Lace

The NIAD Lace is the successor to the 5.10 Pinks, a.k.a. the Anasazi Lace. Add it to your shopping cart if:

  • Edging is the meat of most of your ascents.
  • You prefer climbing shoes that can brave abrasive hazards (outdoors) in the heat of the sun.
  • Converting fingerholds into toe-jammable slots is part of your sending maneuvers.

Five Ten Niad Lace buy

Who should not buy it

Trade the NIAD Lace for the Scarpa Force V if a more sensitive pair is what you need. Also, with virtually zero negative reports about its toeing performance, the Arpia from Scarpa is a fine alternative to the featured climbing shoe.

Five Ten Niad Lace no

Updates to the 5.10 NIAD Lace

Compared with the first lace-up model, the NIAD Lace comes with a broader toe patch. It encourages route smashers to be more creative with their toeing maneuvers.

The 5.10 Anasazi Lace was a slip-lasted shoe; the featured kick, on the other hand, is board-lasted. Board-lasted shoes trade flexibility for stiffness, which results in extra support and edging comfort.

Five Ten Niad Lace updates

A force to be reckoned with durability-wise

Professional reviewers have nothing but admiration for the NIAD Lace's longevity. One of them is convinced that its grippy outsole can withstand abuse and "should last a while before needing a resole." Another is floored by its enduring pink upper, which "returned unscathed" after climbing on rock, whose crystalline surface is notorious for shredding rubber and all sorts of upper materials.

Five Ten Niad Lace dura

Five Ten NIAD Lace: Powerful on edges

An expert says that his NIAD Laces conquer edges “like machines.” The shoe is able to toe "like a fiend onto micro-edges," says another.

Five Ten Niad Lace edge

Boss-level stickiness in every pair

To a professional tester, the shoe's C4 rubber outsole is mighty grippy, and “there's nothing better.” There's also a critic who was able to "commit to horrible slopey volumes indoors," thanks to its level of tenacity.

Five Ten Niad Lace grip

Could use a bit more responsiveness

The Five Ten NIAD Lace has a "muffled tactile sensation," according to a gear pundit. He said that this issue makes some foot placements tricky and tension-inducing.

Five Ten Niad Lace sense

Climb with super-pampered feet 

Footwear mavens are united about the NIAD Lace's 10/10 comfort. One of them even swears that it's "more comfortable than its predecessor."

Five Ten Niad Lace comf

The NIAD Lace's suction-cup heel

Critics just love the heel fit of the 5.10 NIAD Lace. One of them says that this breathable shoe has a "far superior heel cup" to its predecessor. One other tester is more floored by the climbing creativity it provides, stating that it's "more versatile than previous models."

Five Ten Niad Lace heel

A toe-hooking climber it is not

"It wouldn't be my go-to shoe" for problems requiring a lot of toe hooks, says a disappointed critic. To him, the wider coverage of its toe patch is a missed opportunity.

Five Ten Niad Lace toe

The pocket-worthy NIAD Lace

Its toe profile "helped me ease into smaller gaps," says an impressed blogger. He also adds that, while the shoe is satisfyingly stiff overall, the semi-pointiness of its toe zone affords purchase in tiny slots.