Verdict from 5 experts and 5 user reviews

6 reasons to buy

  • A majority of senders say that the Five Ten Grandstone’s rigidity makes it ideal for crack climbing.
  • Numerous buyers find it to be a supportive piece of gear for edging.
  • Many purchasers say that the Grandstone’s outsole delivers ample grip for indoor and outdoor send projects.
  • A decent number of users claim that it is indeed an immensely comfortable climbing shoe.
  • Based on some consumer reviews, the break-in period of this Five Ten piece is minimal.
  • A minority of shoppers love the durability of this climb-specific piece.

3 reasons not to buy

  • According to a few wearers, the Five Ten Grandstone’s stiffness is not ideal for climbing trad routes.
  • Getting in and out of this rock shoe is not easy, says a climber.
  • Several individuals find it to be an expensive piece of climbing gear.

Bottom line

When it comes to crack climbing and edging, this climbing shoe from Five Ten is an enticing option. This rock shoe is also a compelling product in terms of comfort level and surface traction. 

On the other hand, its stiff construction might not be suitable for some climbers. All in all, the Five Ten Grandstone’s qualities make it a great sending companion, especially for those who take on cracks often.

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Good to know

  • The Grandstone is a Five Ten mid-top shoe engineered to give versatility and performance for trad routes. While its predecessor sports a leather upper, the 2019 version of this climbing piece uses an upper made of synthetic microfiber.
  • Five Ten updated the previous version’s ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole with a component made of thermoplastic. It is engineered to supply senders with stiff support. While its predecessor is equipped with a 4.2mm-thick Stealth C4 rubber outsole, the latest Grandstone features a 3.5mm-thick variant to render grip on most rock surfaces.

Downturn. Five Ten’s Grandstone sports a moderate downturn. The semi-cambered shape of the toe zone allows climbers to gain a foothold on tiny nubbins and edges.

Applications. Five Ten crafted the Grandstone to be used mainly for trad routes. Its mid-top upper design is suitable for traversing cracks. Moreover, this climbing piece can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The Five Ten Grandstone is a mid-top climbing shoe built for male senders. Its upper is lined with a textile material to limit stretch. The footgear’s barrel lacing system allows wearers to gain a secure and personalized lockdown.

Midsole. The Grandstone uses a midsole made of thermoplastic. Its stiff construction delivers support for muti-pitch routes.

Outsole. This climb-specific offering from Five Ten grants senders with grip, thanks to its 3.5mm-thick Stealth C4 outsole. It is made of a rubber compound, which sticks to virtually all types of rock surfaces.

The Five Ten Grandstone is equipped with a mid-top upper made of synthetic microfiber and lined with textile. The combination of these materials imbues the shoe with durability while rendering a comfortable in-shoe environment. A rubber rand wraps around the upper’s base to make this Five Ten offering resistant to abrasive elements.

The Grandstone’s barrel lacing system employs a series of eyelets to help the wearer manage its fit. The collar’s side contains several perforations to ventilate the user’s feet, especially in warm weather. A pair of pull loops are found at the back of the collar to provide users with easy on and off.

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