Construction of the Five Ten Freerider Contact

Who is it good for? The Five Ten Freerider Contact are shoes engineered for mountain bike riders who love flat, grippy and responsive footwear.

What is it good for? This pair is designed for enduro-style riding or trails that go downhill.

  • The flat and grippy outsoles offer spontaneity of planting the foot on the ground whenever needed.
  • It efficiently protects the foot from unforeseen impacts.
  • It is designed to withstand any weather conditions during these downhill sessions.


Tried and tested grip. The Five Ten Freerider Contact employs the brand’s famous Stealth Mi6 rubber outsole. This rubber compound has a more pliable consistency and yields better grip and cushioning compared to the standard Stealth rubber.

The outsole design also features a treadless section where there are no lugs. This non-textured part is meant to be the one to make contact with pedals and is aimed to grip on the pedal pins. It also offers ease in fine-tuning your foot position on the pedal.

Power transfer. Situated between the outsole and upper is a stiff midsole that governs efficient energy transfer from the rider to the bike.

Cleat System

The Five Ten Freerider Contact is a flat MTB shoe. This offers the rider spontaneity and freedom to plant their foot on the ground and reposition on the pedal. 

Pedals that are suitable for this model are Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Large LE, Burgtec Penthouse Mk4 Composite, and Spank Oozy Trail.


Comfort. This pair’s upper is crafted from a combination of textile and synthetic materials. Seams are kept to a minimum to prevent chafing and rubbing. 

Cushioning is provided via well-padded collars and tongues, which enhances instep comfort.

Protective. A reinforced seamless toe cap is provided for protection against impact and bumps.

Classic retention system. The Five Ten Freerider Contact is a lace-up MTB shoe. This type of retention provides a highly adjustable fit and time-tested lockdown.

It might not provide on-the-go fine-tuning, but once the user finds the correct fit, it becomes a set-and-forget setup.

Nice to know

The Five Ten Freerider Contact is the updated version of the Freerider VXi.

Five Ten Freerider Contact vs. Five Ten Freerider Pro

It is a no-brainer that 5.10 mountain bike shoes are a household name among mountain cyclists. From starting out producing climbing shoes to now offering bike shoes, the brand’s main reason for their popularity and expansion is their proprietary Stealth rubber.

Throughout the years, other cycling brands try to imitate Five Ten’s grippy soles by creating their version. But no one has succeeded to even come close to the Stealth rubber thus far. 

This usually leaves MTB riders who prefer flat bike shoes to exclusively choose from Five Ten’s roster. And one of the more popular comparisons is between the Freerider Contact and Freerider Pro.

If you find yourself asking the question ‘which of the two suits you,’ then continue reading to come up with the most well-informed decision.


  • Both Five Ten Freerider shoes employ a lace-up closure.
  • Both have flat soles and use Stealth rubber technology.
  • Both have well-padded collars and tongues.


  • The Freerider Contact uses more soft materials compared to the Freerider Pro. If you value cushioning and breathability, the Freerider Contact is more for you. If you prioritize, protection and durability, the Freerider Pro might be more your cup of tea.
  • The Freerider Pro displays a more tapered and more minimal silhouette compare to the Freerider Contacts. If you have narrow feet, the latter could fit you better.
  • The Freerider Contact employs Stealth Mi6 rubber with the Contact outsole, while the Pro uses Stealth S1 rubber and Dotty outsole. This means that the Contact is a little stickier and yields better cushion, while the Pro is a bit stiffer.

With this information, we hope we have helped you understand better and arrive at the most appropriate decision.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 390g / Women 317g
Base model: Five Ten Freerider
Use: Mountain
Cleat design: Flat
Closure: Lace
Features: Reflective
Collection: Five Ten Stealth Rubber

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