15 users: 5 / 5
3 experts: 94 / 100
Weight: Men 250g
Base model: Five Ten Dragon
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit

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6 reasons to buy

  • The Majority of Five Ten Dragon VCS users find it to be an excellent climbing shoe for edging.
  • Several testers declare it to be an immensely lightweight shoe.
  • Based on numerous consumer and gear reviews, its heel cup design makes it an amazing choice for heel hooking on boulder routes.
  • The Dragon VCS is a well-built Five Ten rock shoe, according to a bunch of purchasers.
  • Some senders love the stickiness of its rubber outsole.
  • To a small number of wearers, the shoe's break-in period is quite short.

3 reasons not to buy

  • More than a handful of owners say that the Five Ten Dragon VCS’s buckle digs into the ankle, causing discomfort.
  • According to several climbers, the shoe’s tongue is too long, which causes it to bunch up.
  • Its sensitivity isn’t good enough for smearing, a few senders claim.

Bottom line

When it comes to bouldering, this Five Ten offering is a very compelling option. While it delivers outstanding performance in that area, its lightness and heel-hooking capabilities are also noteworthy points to be considered. 

However, the shoe might turn off some buyers because of its uncomfortable buckle design. All in all, the Five Ten Dragon VCS is a remarkable choice for boulder-type ascents, especially for those who can look past its issues.

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Expert reviews:

  • The Dragon VCS is a low-top shoe designed by Five Ten to render precision and power for demanding terrain. It retains its predecessor’s microfiber upper to protect the user’s foot from harsh climbing conditions.
  • While the Five Ten Dragon has a medium-soft midsole, the Dragon VCS sports a softer variant to support senders during an ascent. Its Stealth HF rubber outsole is engineered to help climbers stick on virtually most types of rock surfaces.

Downturn. The Five Ten Dragon VCS sports an aggressive downward camber. This type of downturn pushes the foot to curl, enabling senders to gain a foothold on tiny nubbins and micro edges.

Applications. This aggressive climbing shoe from Five Ten is built for sport climbing and bouldering sessions. Its set of components and technologies enable this climbing piece to be used for face climbing as well. Five Ten also crafted the Dragon VCS for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Five Ten Dragon VCS is a low-top climbing shoe built specifically for men. Its synthetic upper is lined with a textile material, which prevents it from stretching. The foot is curled inside the shoe, thanks to its asymmetric construction. Its Velcro system uses the same asymmetric design, providing a customized lockdown to the wearer.

Midsole. Five Ten equipped the Dragon VCS with a soft midsole. Its construction enables senders to take on steep terrain, small footholds, and overhanging routes with ample support and flexibility.

Outsole. The Dragon VCS features a Stealth HF (High Friction) outsole. It is made of the softest rubber compound Five Ten offers to render grip on challenging routes. This component sports a split sole design with a thick and stiff front end and thinner rubber construction in the heel. It works in conjunction with the shoe’s soft midsole and heel shape for flexibility and a snug arch fit.

Providing protection from perilous terrain is the Five Ten Dragon VCS’ microfiber upper. It is lined with a textile material to create a comfortable in-shoe environment. A rubber rand wraps around the upper’s base for added grip and protection from abrasive elements. The shoe’s closure employs a pair of Velcro straps to help the wearer adjust its fits. Moreover, it has three pull tabs to give users easy on and off.

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