Five Ten Anasazi VCS notable features

-The Five Ten Anasazi VCS is a shoe designed to give its wearers an all-around kind of performance on a variety of terrain. Its construction provides versatility, especially on routes where smearing is required.

-Five Ten shoemakers built the Anasazi VCS adequately stiff to give users enhanced support on their way to the top. Its designers also equipped it with a sticky brand-exclusive outsole for surface traction.


Downturn. The Anasazi VCS is another one of Five Ten’s moderately downturned climbing shoes. The kind of camber it has permits climbers to take on technical multi-pitch routes with enough versatility and comfort.

Applications. This moderate rock shoe is built for sport and trad climbing as well as bouldering. It comes furnished with components that give it the capability to scale cracks. It may be used both indoors and outdoors.


The Five Ten Anasazi VCS is a below-the-ankle rock climbing shoe designed specifically for men. Five Ten engineers armed it with a high-tension heel rand to give climbers a locked-in fit at the heel. Lockdown personalization is courtesy of the shoe’s Velcro closure.


Midsole. When it comes to underfoot support, the Anasazi VCS relies on its sufficiently rigid midsole. Its stiffness helps the shoe retain its form and serves as a secure platform on edges and nubbins.

Outsole. Thanks to its Stealth C4 outsole—a component exclusive to 5.10—climbers can mount on virtually all types of surfaces with adequate friction. It offers a kind of grip that helps the foot latch onto a variety of wall/rock features, whether big or small. It is made of high-quality rubber and has a total thickness of 4.2 mm.


The Anasazi VCS’s low-top main shell is made of polyester. Its interior is lined. It is walled front, center, and back with a long-wearing rand for added climbing security and abrasion protection. To expedite on and off, Five Ten engineers gave it a pair of pull loops at the heel.

This synthetic rock climbing shoe has two adjustable straps making up its closure system. Both of these straps are built with hook-and-loop (Velcro) fasteners.

Five Ten Anasazi VCS vs. Anasazi Pro

To own the Anasazi VCS means being witness to its versatility and layered climbing performance firsthand. It is, after all, among Five Ten’s high-quality climbing kicks. That said, with its prestige comes competition, and in this case, it sees a rival in the Anasazi Pro (another 5.10 climbing product). Know the aspects that set the two apart by poring through the following:

Weight. Are you someone who prefers to accomplish problems with as little weight as possible? If so, the Anasazi VCS is for you. Yes, the featured climber’s shoe is lighter than the Five Ten Anasazi Pro by approximately 25 g.

Price tag. On this front, the Five Ten Anasazi VCS takes the crown. Indeed, it is about $5 less expensive than the Anasazi Pro. If you are a wise spender, consider looking into some of the budget-friendliest climbing shoes featured on this site.

Variants. The Anasazi VCS caters to male climbers. Its rival, on the other hand, targets both gender camps by being offered in men and women’s variants.

Vegan option. While both competing products are synthetic climbing kicks, only the Anasazi VCS is vegan. Rock shoes considered vegan-friendly are those engineered from top to bottom without the use of any animal substance.


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