We spent 5.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what climbers think:

6 reasons to buy

  • Multiple Five Ten Anasazi Lace reviews tell of the shoe’s amazing edging prowess.
  • Its level of comfort is extremely high, according to a large number of users.
  • This remarkable rock shoe is exemplary in cracks, many of those who have bought it say.
  • Based on numerous reports, the Anasazi Lace does not require a lot when it comes to break-in time.
  • Several customers say that the Five Ten Anasazi Lace climbing shoe has a super-sticky outsole.
  • About a handful of those who have purchased this Five Ten rock shoe are in love with its eye-catching pink-based aesthetics.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Its ability to vent out heat leaves a lot to be desired, says a patron who has tested the shoe thoroughly.
  • According to a climber, the Anasazi Lace’s closure system is a challenge to configure.
  • The shoe’s laces wear out quickly, an owner claims.

Bottom line

When it comes to edging, the Anasazi Lace from 5.10 is a must-have. It is also quite a desirable product in the areas of comfort, which is accessible pretty much on day one, and crack-climbing performance.

That being said, the shoe has some spots on its rather remarkable resume, the least amusing of which has to be its underwhelming breathability. Nevertheless, the Five Ten Anasazi Lace has enough pros under its wing to be regarded as an incredible climbing companion.



A popular pick
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Expert Reviews

94 / 100 based on 10 expert reviews

  • 100 / 100 | EpicTV | Level 4 expert

    They perform best as an edging shoe but versatile enough that they won't hold you back on cracks or friction slabs.

  • 100 / 100 | EpicTV Climbing Daily | | Level 1 expert

    For me, I prefer the Pinks because they are stiff but a bit more comfortable.

  • 88 / 100 | Gear Institute | Level 4 expert

    The Five Ten Pink Anasazi Lace-up excels at a certain type of technical face/crack climbing, but they are also solidly all-purpose, and will have a place in the gym or at the sport crag.

  • 100 / 100 | Climbing | Level 3 expert

    It was tight enough to inspire confidence on a variety of terrain, but it wasn’t so snug that testers’ feet were screaming after a short pitch.

  • 95 / 100 | Splitter Choss | | Level 3 expert

    Bottom line, this is an excellent, comfortable shoe for those who mostly climb slabby to slightly overhanging rock, which in truth is probably a good percentage of us.

  • 88 / 100 | Switchback Travel | | Level 3 expert

    The Anasazi Lace—aka the “Pink”—has been a mainstay in Five Ten’s lineup since the ’90s. And with notable improvements throughout the years, it still holds its own in today’s modern market.

Become an expert

-The Five Ten Anasazi Lace, the lace-up sibling of the Anasazi VCS, is engineered for climbers who prefer to tackle projects in a well-rounded rock shoe. Its construction puts emphasis on toughness without sacrificing comfort.

-It is equipped with a proprietary outsole for traction. It is designed versatile enough to deliver surefootedness on a variety of surfaces.

-This Five Ten rock climbing shoe is a vegan-friendly product. This means that the process by which it was made and all of its components are devoid of any animal substance.

Downturn. The Anasazi Lace from 5.10 is a moderately downturned rock climbing shoe. In it, the toes curl into a tiptoe position, allowing owners to mount on edge-type features with relative ease. Climbing kicks with this type of downward camber provide enough comfort on multi-pitch ascents.

Applications. Sport and trad are two of the climbing types for which the Five Ten Anasazi Lace is designed. It is an all-rounder adequately equipped for scaling cracks, whether indoors or outdoors.

The Five Ten Anasazi Lace is a low-top rock climbing shoe built specifically for men. Its unlined synthetic upper promises no stretch. As it is crafted around an asymmetric last, its confines will force the foot to bend inwards, especially the forefoot. Wearers can get a locked-in fit in it using the shoe’s lace-up closure.

Midsole. When it comes to underfoot support, the Five Ten Anasazi Lace relies on its hard-wearing midsole. It is built with medium stiffness, which gives users a decent amount of sensitivity.

Outsole. This climb-centric shoe is armed with a company-exclusive outsole (also known as Stealth C4) for surface traction. Hard friction and vibration damping are two of its known features. It has an overall thickness of 4.2 mm.

The Five Ten Anasazi Lace encloses the foot in its heavy-duty upper made of polyester. It has no liner. Access to and from it is made relatively easier thanks to the two pull loops attached to its heel. Its rear, arch, and forefoot zones are sufficiently randed to grant senders extra climbing grip where needed. Completing its equation is the shoe’s lacing system, which consists of regular eyelets and a synthetic lace.