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9 reasons to buy

  • Evolv's The General keeps the feet comfortable even in multi-pitch adventures, based on a couple of expert reviews.
  • The enhanced protection provided by the extra rubber at the toe earns positive remarks from some testers.
  • This comfy Evolv product excels in offwidths and squeezes, a considerable number of climbers have declared.
  • Its high-top design does not limit the mobility of the ankle, impressed users have declared.
  • A lot of wearers like how well this rock climbing shoe secures a variety of footholds, providing confidence on the wall. 
  • Its smearing and edging capabilities optimize upward mobility, according to a high percentage of owners.
  • To a group of testers, these are perfect all-day shoes.
  • An expert declares that he often gets compliments on the stylish facade of Evolv’s The General.
  • It is burly enough to handle the abuse outdoors, several climbing pros claim.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Less than a handful of owners are displeased with the break-in period of The General.

Bottom line

Performance-wise, Evolv’s The General seems to have hit all the right notes. From its unwavering comfort, outstanding climbing performance, and long-lasting durability, the shoe in question is a win. And this is without mention of its amazing aesthetics yet.

However, its break-in phase might be too long for some. Nevertheless, climbing enthusiasts are in for a treat with this Evolv piece.

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Good to know

-Evolv The General is a high-top trad climbing shoe that offers all-day comfort and protection. Its leather upper has a synthetic lining for a maintained fit and durable protection. 

-The shoe carries a full-length midsole for comfort and support. The brand’s very own Trax XE rubber outsole, on the other hand, renders edging performance.

Downturn. The General is one of Evolv’s ultra-performance rock shoes. It has a moderate level of downturn for maximum support and edging power. Its slight asymmetry helps boost the performance of the climber.

Application. This rock shoe works in wide cracks and traditional climbs. According to Evolv, The General gives precision to the toes, enabling face climbers to succeed in their every send.

The General is a men’s-only rock climbing shoe from Evolv. It has a synthetic liner that will help maintain the shoe’s out-of-the-box fit and shape despite regular use. Its lace closure system helps lock the foot in.

Midsole. The General from Evolv uses a 1.6 mm full-length MX-P midsole. This stiff material renders support when crimping all day. It also offers a decent amount of cushioning for a more comfortable ascent.

Outsole. This Evolv rock climbing shoe has a 4.2 mm Trax XE outsole. This is a type of edging rubber formulated to allow climbers to stand even on small nubbins.

The upper of the Evolv The General is predominantly made of durable leather. It has a synthetic lining (Softlin) that helps keep its original shape. A split tongue with Agion antimicrobial feature grants an odor-free interior. Furthermore, the product engineers also added padding above the toe box and around the ankle to maximize comfort.

For enhanced durability, the shoe’s upper comes with a molded Trax SAS toe patch and molded VTR. The former aims to improve comfort and durability. The latter, also known as the Variable Thickness Rand, works by varying the thickness level of the rubber enveloping the base of the upper. Thinner rubber reduces pressure points eliminating hot spots while a thicker rubber is placed in high-wear areas amplifying durability.

The closure system is comprised of combination eyelets that aid in the management of fit. Two tabs are placed at the heel area to assist in on and off.


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