Evolv Supra notable features

-The Evolv Supra is built with various technologies to help climbers send projects with as much support, comfort, and power as possible. Its designers engineered it with the Molded Variable Thickness Rand (VTR technology) to up its durability as well as mitigate hotspots and pressure points.

-This vegan rock climbing shoe has a high-tension heel rand. The presence of this component helps the foot focus power onto the toes, giving the wearer enhanced strength to pull off forefoot maneuvers with less effort.


Downturn. The Evolv Supra is a moderately downturned climbing piece. Its semi-hooked front end allows users to tiptoe their way on edges and similar projections with enough control and support. It promises technical face climbing prowess.

Applications. This climb-centric product is mainly intended for use on slabs where edging and smearing are much needed. Its set of features also makes it a competent bouldering, sport, and trad climbing shoe. It may be used both in the gym and out in the wild.


Evolv’s Supra is a below-the-ankle climbing shoe crafted specifically for men. At an additional cost, users may get a different size for each shoe in a pair. A secure and dialed-in fit in it is made possible by the Supra’s Velcro closure. A balance between precision and comfort can also be expected with its asymmetric shape and synthetic-made upper


Midsole. The Evolv Supra uses a full-length midsole called MX-P in providing climbers sufficient underfoot support. Its 1.6-mm thick construction improves the shoe’s structural integrity.

Outsole. The adhesive power of the Supra comes from its full-length Trax-XE outsole. It is 4.2 mm in thickness. The rubber compound used in it is ideal for tackling edges of different sizes.


Housing the foot in this Evolv climbing shoe is an all-synthetic upper, known as Synthratek VX. Its inner liner called Softlin is also synthetic. A good portion of it is covered with a molded rubber rand, rendering it capable of providing enough smearing security. The randing on its sides grants side-pressure relief. Its designers opted to give it a pair of pull loops and a split tongue to help with on and off. They also engineered it with three hook-and-loop straps for fit management.

Evolv Supra vs. Shaman

Two of Evolv’s high-quality climbing kicks are the Supra and the Shaman. The points that follow will shed light on their differences:

Downturn. The Supra has a moderate downturn, while the Shaman possesses an aggressive down-camber.

Asking price. In this case, the Evolv Supra takes the cake for being about $15 cheaper than its rival.


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