Verdict from 3 experts and 35 user reviews

6 reasons to buy

  • Comfiness: The majority of Evolv Rebel reviewers find the shoe insanely comfortable.
  • Traction: Underfoot, many users are impressed with its sticking prowess.
  • Versatility: Its performance on both rocky terrain and concrete surfaces (particularly where people skate on) is fantastic, according to several testers.
  • Stylishness: Based on a handful of reports, the Rebel has remarkably casual aesthetics.
  • Water resistance: This Evolv approach shoe has decent moisture repellency, a few purchasers say.
  • Crack climbing: An expert is sold on the Rebel’s amazing climbing ability along cracks.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Cramped fit: To a couple of purchasers, the Rebel could be roomier overall.
  • Edging: Getting on ledge-like projections seems to be its weakest link, based on a professional review.

Bottom line

Where there is an approach to navigate, and you feel like wearing just one pair of shoes—because switching kicks is so yesterday—the Rebel is a gem of a find. Indeed, this Evolv offering is one of the most versatile approach shoes out there, allowing you to hike, climb, and hangout to your heart’s content. And if looks are not enough, its stickiness will win you over.

Evolv Rebel: Taking on approaches its own way

This Evolv hiker, a.k.a. the Rebel Street Shoe, blurs the line between approach shoes and skate sneakers. It sets itself apart from the crowd by being hike- and climb-ready without being too bulky and rigid. Here is a quick look at some of its nuances:

  • Both its main shell (upper) and breathable liner are water-resistant, giving you double the protection against light moisture.
  • Its insole or footbed is made of memory foam, which results in a more personalized fit with enough use and time.
  • The climbing zone of the Rebel’s outsole has a wider coverage, allowing you to smear and edge with more toeing traction.

Evolv Rebel vs. Cruzer Psyche

In this comparison, two Evolv approach shoes are pitted against each other—the Rebel and the Cruzer Psyche. The following are their key differences:

Price. The Cruzer Psyche is cheaper than the Rebel by about $20.

Weight. In this round, the Cruzer Psyche bags the crown by being approximately 50 g lighter than the featured shoe.

Weather protection. Between the two Evolv kicks, only the Rebel has water repellency.

Takeaway: If you need something quite light and affordable, look into the Cruzer Psyche. On the other hand, if you need that extra beefiness in damp conditions, opt for the Rebel.


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