Who should buy the Evolv Rave

The Evolv Rave is far from being a tough sell, thanks to its short-but-enticing collection of send-specific features. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a climbing shoe that promises climbing precision without sacrificing comfort. 
  • Prefer a climbing shoe that provides adequate surface traction.
  • Prefer a climbing shoe that delivers extra protection.

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Evolv Rave notable features

  • Dubbed by Evolv as a shoe for specialist senders, the Rave promises climbing precision without sacrificing comfort. Its high-quality reinforcements and the simplicity of its design translate to a straightforward shoe that lasts.
  • This slipper-type climbing shoe is engineered with two Evolv-owned technologies: TRAX and Variable Thickness Rand (VTR). The former, a.k.a. TRAX-SAS, provides adequate surface traction, particularly underfoot. The latter, on the other hand, delivers extra protection around the shoe’s high-wear sections, all while lessening pressure points where the rubber is thinner.

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Downturn. The Evolv Rave comes without a downturn, essentially making it a neutral climbing shoe. Kicks without a downward camber are usually sufficiently supportive on edge-type projections. Lasting comfort is expected of downturn-less rock shoes like the Rave.

Evolv Rave fit

Applications. This offering from Evolv is an all-around performer that specializes in ascending slabs. Its build quality renders it capable of taking on both man-made routes and rocky surfaces.


Evolv’s Rave is a low-collared slipper built specifically for male and female climbers. Because it is a unisex shoe, it requires women to go down one and a half sizes for a snug and precise fit.

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Its moderate asymmetry equates to some pressure around the arch and the big toe. Wearers can expect to get some stretch out of it (about a full-size top) with time and regular use. A secure fit in it is courtesy of the shoe’s stretchy instep and collar.

Secures ascent climbing

This asymmetric, neutral rock climbing shoe relies largely on its proprietary TRAX-SAS outsole in giving climbers a secure ascent, whether on plastic or rock.

Evolv Rave outsole

Sticky and durable

The compound that powers it has virtually equal amounts of stickiness and durability. It is 4.2 mm thick.

Evolv Rave outsole 1

Provides enough underfoot support

The Rave is able to provide enough support underfoot thanks to its full-length midsole.

Evolv Rave midsole

Excellent arch support

The Rave is able to provide enough support underfoot thanks to its full-length midsole. It has an overall thickness of 1 mm. Evolv engineers furnished it with what the brand calls Arch Wings—a feature that bolsters the shoe’s arch support.

Evolv Rave arch

Quick and easy to wear

The Evolv Rave’s below-the-ankle upper is made of leather. Its interior is unlined. Both sides of its heel have a synthetic pull loop each, making slipping in and out of the shoe quick and easy.

Evolv Rave collar

Provides abrasion protection

Walling its lower perimeter is the VTR, which provides a combination of upper-level traction and abrasion protection. On the other hand, its heel has a tensioned rand, whose presence grants ample sticking power on heel hooks.

Evolv Rave upper

Highly elastic and durable

What locks the foot in place in the Rave is the shoe’s slipper-type closure. It consists of gartered gore panels, which are highly elastic and durable.

Evolv Rave upper 2

Facts / Specs

Closure: Slip-on
Fit: Performance fit
Downturn: Neutral
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Leather
Lining: Unlined
Last Shape: Asymmetric

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