Who should buy the Evolv Phantom LV

The Evolv Phantom LV combines climbing prowess and poshness in a highly downturned package. Buy it if: 

  • You like climbing extremely vertical walls with small edges.
  • On overhangs, you need that extra heel tenacity and pull.
  • You're after aggressive climbing shoes that offer day-one comfort.

Evolv Phantom LV buy

Who should NOT buy it

Trade the Phantom LV for the Scarpa Drago LV if you're looking for something phenomenal on slabs. And if extra sensitivity is what you need, opt for the La Sportiva Futura instead.

Evolv Phantom LV no

It zooms in on every foothold

Reviewers are impressed with the Phantom LV's overall climbing accuracy. A professional tester among them says that the shoe's heel "offers all the sharpness of the razor." On the other hand, a commenter says that its forefoot is "great for precise footwork."

Evolv Phantom LV accura

Among the comfiest aggressive shoes

According to numerous climbers, the Evolv Phantom LV is immensely supple. "The most comfortable aggressive shoes I've ever worn," says one experienced sender. Another reviewer says that it's "very comfortable for such an aggressive shoe."

Evolv Phantom LV comf

Will stick with you for the long haul

The Evolv Phantom LV is the real deal when it comes to toughness. A gear pundit says that the kick's "fast-lacing Velcro system is durable." Another individual describes the shoe as having a "super durable construction."

Evolv Phantom LV outsole

Evolv Phantom LV: A champ on micro-edges

Route smashers find the featured climbing shoe amazing on tiny projections. A seasoned sender says that the Phantom LV has a toe zone that can "stand on the smallest of holds." Another one says that "you can stand the smallest steps wonderfully" in this kick.

But the better news is the low-volume Phantom handles such features incredibly right from the get-go. It "performs well right out of the box, with very little break in time required," says a non-professional reviewer.

Evolv Phantom LV edge

Not your go-to for slabs

Slab climbing, particularly indoors, may not be the Phantom LV's area of expertise. A footwear maven says that "it is too downturned and rigid for the discipline." Another commenter is iffy about the shoe's underfoot stickiness, concluding that it's not that reliable on slabby surfaces.

Evolv Phantom LV slab

Stylish ascents in every box

There are those who deeply admire the chicness of the Phantom LV. A blogger hails the Phantom LV as "an eye-catching addition to the Evolv range." "I feel very cool while I wear these shoes," says another. The same person admits that the shoe's captivating design makes him climb better.

The Phantom LV's well-thought-out closure

Among the most commendable things about the Evolv Phantom LV is its Velcro lockdown system. An experienced climber says that it provides "quick and optimal adjustments, thanks to the single-pull system."

Low on surface feedback

It's been reported that the Evolv Phantom LV isn't very responsive. An expert blames it on the thick construction of the kick's outsole, saying that it lacks "true soft-shoe sensitivity."

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 9.9oz /
Base model: Evolv Phantom
Construction: Vegan
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Performance fit

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