Evolv Kira notable features

-The Kira from Evolv is an anatomically engineered piece that helps users climb in comfort with as much technical performance as possible. It comes with Molded VTR (Variable Thickness Rand), a brand-exclusive technology that reduces hot spots yet promotes the shoe’s durability.

-This vegan-friendly climbing shoe is crafted with a full-length sole unit. It is made up of the product’s hardwearing midsole and company-owned outsole.


Downturn. The Evolv Kira has a moderate down-camber. This type of downturn makes it an all-around technical performer. It is designed ideally for multi-pitch projects.

Applications. The Kira is a shoe built specifically for trad climbing. Its engineering allows it to climb on a variety of features, including cracks. It may be used both indoors and outdoors.


A relatively true-to-size rock climbing shoe for women is the Evolv Kira. A pair of Velcro straps give owners the ability to personalize the Kira’s fit. Its asymmetric shape allows for increased edging performance while little to no stretch can be expected from its synthetic upper.


Midsole. This trad climbing shoe is equipped with a full-length midsole to help wearers send projects with enough support. It has a thickness of 1 mm.

Outsole. In the Evolv Kira, climbers are promised sufficient grip over tricky terrain thanks to the shoe’s Trax-SAS outsole. This sticky heavy-duty component is 4.2 mm thick. It covers the entirety of the shoe’s underside, giving it sufficient contact with the surface—ideal for negotiating cracks.


The Kira has an all-synthetic upper, called Synthratex VX. It does not have a liner. The rubber rand engineered around the forefoot has a thicker construction than the rest, allowing the gear to withstand the roughness of the terrain, especially during toe jams. The forefoot rand has a flap covering the toe box, allowing climbers to perform toe hooks with increased safety. Evolv designers opted to give the shoe two heel pull loops and a split tongue for on-and-off convenience.

Its closure system consists of two adjustable hook-and-loop (Velcro) straps. The upper strap conceals an adjustable ladder buckle made of a hardy material.

Evolv Kira vs. Evolv Kronos

Evolv’s climb-centric offerings are known for their quality build, and among them is the Kira. Another shoe that makes up the brand’s astonishing line-up is the Kronos. Know their differences by poring through the following:

Target gender. The Kira is built from the ground up for the female crowd. The Kronos, on the other hand, is intended for male climbers.

Weight. Like most women-specific shoes, the Kira is lighter than the Evolv Kronos. The weight difference between the two is roughly 70 grams


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