Updates to Evolv Elektra

  • The revamped Evolv Elektra has undergone significant changes in the upper. Its sleeker profile offers an enhanced fit through the opposing Velcro straps. An antimicrobial treated mesh is added in its interior that will keep odor at bay. Making a comeback is the brand’s Molded VTR System. 
  • The Elektra has a full-length midsole and outsole. This structure provides support and stickiness, respectively.


Downturn. The Elektra from Evolv wears a neutral profile. Its low-volume and asymmetrical shape help both beginner and intermediate climbers succeed in every send. 

Applications. Evolv classifies the Elektra as an all-around rock climbing shoe. Almost all types of climbers will benefit from its flat profile, whether sending indoors or outdoors.


Evolv Elektra is a rock climbing shoe for women. Its interior is designed with a narrow and low volume shape. The opposing closure straps help maintain the user’s desired tension. Its synthetic upper offers little-to-no stretch.


Midsole. This rock climbing shoe carries a full-length MX-P midsole. It is 4 mm thick that offers sensitiveness so climbers can feel more connected to the ground. 

Outsole. Providing optimal friction and durability on almost all rock types is a 4.2 mm Trax SAS outsole. It yields consistent performance even in a wide range of temperatures.


Evolv Elektra uses Synthratek VX (a vegan-friendly synthetic material) for its upper. It is lined with Agion antimicrobial mesh that helps keep an odor-free and fresh interior. Comfort is amplified by the shoe’s split tongue.

The brand’s Molded VTR or Variable Thickness Rand yields durability and protection. It uses thinner rubber in areas that are prone to pressure points. On the other hand, thicker rubber is placed in high-wear zones.

The closure system uses opposing Velcro straps for fit management. The two tabs at the heel zone facilitate hassle-free on and off.

Evolv Elektra vs Defy

Evolv rock climbing shoes are known for their provision of comfort and performance. The Elektra and Defy are just a couple of their many products. Read on to find out more about their similarities and differences.

Audience. While both shoes are vegan-friendly, the Elektra is a women-specific gear, and the Defy is a men’s-only pair. 

Volume. The shape of the Elektra is narrower and has a lower volume than Defy.


The current trend of Evolv Elektra.
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