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11 reasons to buy

  • Droves of users were greatly astonished by the extreme level of comfort of the Ecco Yucatan. Some of them attributed this entrancing quality to the hiker’s unbelievably soft footbed.
  • Numerous reviewers couldn’t help but praise this hiking footwear for its outstanding durability. A number of them said that their gear didn’t sustain wear and tear for several years.
  • Dozens of buyers loved the overall aesthetics of their Ecco Yucatan sandals.
  • Its lightness was applauded by many owners. It made its wearers pull off quick maneuvers and stay agile for the rest of their hike.
  • This hiking sandal from Ecco received colorful remarks from a considerable number of consumers for having fantastic arch support.
  • According to professional footwear bloggers, the Ecco Sport Yucatan sandal runs true to size.
  • A good percentage of customers were smitten by the versatility of this strappy sandal. They said it is as effective on earthy trails as it is on urban surfaces, such as those found in grocery stores and airports.
  • Gear experts were super impressed with the hiker’s outsole. They were able to remain surefooted with enough grip on various kinds of surfaces.
  • Some of those who bought this hiking footgear felt like they purchased something a bit expensive but worth every penny.
  • A tiny fraction of the reviewing populace applauded its stabilizing prowess. These individuals felt quite confident walking over the rockier parts of the trail because of this.
  • One shoe critic was astounded by the gear’s confines. She said that in them, wearers suffering from plantar fasciitis would feel right at home.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Several testers, one of whom is an expert reviewer, thought that the Yucatan’s front strap being non-adjustable was a real downer.
  • Less than a handful of verified purchasers were quite critical of the sandal’s sweat-inducing footbed.
  • Its lack of a wide width option was an utter disappointment for a few disgruntled owners. They had to make do of its restrictive enclosure.
  • According to some users, the sandal began to stink pretty early on. Most of them blamed it on the lining that wouldn’t give up the smell of sweat even after washing the footwear extensively.
  • A very small percentage of consumers found the latest refresh of this hiking shoe somewhat underwhelming. They noticed that its build quality is no longer as excellent as the previous editions’.
  • This hiking product from Ecco irked a couple of buyers for requiring too much time to dry.

Bottom line

If what hikers need in a sandal is high amounts of comfort, then they will not be let down by the remarkably stylish Yucatan from Ecco Sport. They will also be delighted to know that this superbly lightweight yet durable hiking gear has tons of arch support—a quality many people so raved about in their reviews. All that said, the footgear misses the mark in a few areas, the most saddening of which would have to be its non-adjustable front strap. Overall, in spite of its shortcomings, the Ecco Yucatan sandal still packs robust enough features to help users perform well on the trail. Those who are a little bit on the scrawny side around the forefoot, however, might want to give this one a pass.

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Good to know

  • Part of the brand's lineup of performance footwear, the Ecco Yucatan is crafted lightweight and supportive in order to make adventures—whether on or off the trail—as pleasant of an experience as possible. The comfort it provides comes partly from its extra cushy footbed.
  • Its sole unit—mainly made up of the gear’s rubber outsole and direct-injected midsole—is engineered with an Ecco-exclusive technology, called Receptor. This particular sole technology improves stability and bolsters the user’s performance during transitions, including push offs.
  • The front end of the Yucatan’s sole is rockered. This feature allows hikers to make comfortable strides and perform better toe offs on flatter surfaces.

A fairly true-to-size, hiking sandal for men and women is the Ecco Sport Yucatan sandal. It comes in standard width. It is offered in a decent range of sizes. It uses adjustable straps to give users a personalized and secure lockdown.

The Yucatan is capable of adhering to the slippery and challenging surfaces of the trail thanks to its heavy-duty outsole. It is made completely of rubber—a material that is sticky by nature. It is laden with a healthy number of aggressively shaped lugs (also known as studs) to give users adequate slip and skid resistance in practically every angle. It comes built with ridge-like grooves at the rear and a heel brake for extra descent control and stopping power.

What gives users enough balance over uneven terrain and what mitigates shock on ground contact is the Ecco Yucatan’s sturdy yet cushy midsole. It is entirely made of polyurethane (PU), a kind of material widely known for its lightness, durability, and high abrasion resistance. As such, this stabilizing platform gets to endure stress and abuse with adequate effectiveness.

For additional underfoot comfort, the Yucatan comes with an extra-cushy dual-density footbed. It is crafted with the same contoured medial section as the midsole to give trail enthusiasts added arch support. Its surface has a cloth-like texture and its borders a cratered design to help prevent underfoot slippage.

The Ecco Yucatan has a strappy stitched-on upper made of nubuck leather. It has a liner made of a soft material, giving users a nice and comfy in-shoe experience. Its straps are engineered with hook and loop fasteners, making them conveniently adjustable. These straps pass through connecting joints made of a material closely resembling hard plastic.

  • Use a nubuck-friendly cloth or brush to rid the Ecco Yucatan sandal of dirt. Gently wipe or brush around the affected areas in a circular motion. Water-based cleaners (those that are also nubuck-friendly) may be used to deal with tougher stains.


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