Profile of the Ecco S-Three

Who is it for? This shoe is created for players who are craving for a higher level of comfort and functionality on the golf course. 

Why is it good?

  • The spikeless outsole ensures a no-slip grip of the ground because of the generous amount of traction bars. 
  • The midsection of the shoe covers flexibility, stability, and comfort because of the different amounts of softness on each zone of the foot. 
  • A premium leather upper protected by a waterproof layer protects the foot against different golf hazards.


First in the spikeless game. Pioneering the revolution, the golf brand did not only change the footwear community but established that they’re doing their job seriously. The outsole of the S-Three is applied with a Dynamic Traction System. It has more than 100 traction lugs, shaped in a way that there are more than 800 angles. It grants a maximum hold of different surface areas. 


Center of attention. Outshining most of the midsole technologies is the Zonal Fluidform injection. It consists of three various zones to cater to different areas of the foot that have different levels of cushioning demands. Below are the different sections:

  • Zone 1: A medium cushioning is positioned on the heel part to provide comfort. 
  • Zone 2: It is placed in the center, and it has a more rigid texture compared to the other zones. It offers a high degree of stability, which is useful, especially during a swing. 
  • Zone 3: As the softest out of the batch, this region aims for flexibility, founded at the forefoot part. It is advantageous for golfers because they gain a better range of motion on every movement. 

This innovation is created through an injection process, which results in a fascinating color transition look. More so, because of this, no two pairs are alike. 


Uniquely Ecco. What sets the brand apart is that they produce their leather through their tanneries. The upper of the S-Three is coated with a thick yet soft Calf Nappa leather. It is also given a waterproof treatment to keep the feet dry despite different conditions. 

Fit is all. To make the shoe more comfortable to wear, the collar and heel area gets double padded with neoprene material. 

Ecco S-Three Style

If the credentials of the features aren’t enough, let the styling of the Ecco S-Three speak for itself. Each shoe component may serve its functionality, but it also acts as a decorative accent that makes it stand out. The atypical leather upper gives it a fresh yet timeless look. A pop of color is embedded in individual sections like the neoprene collar and the gradient midsole. Overall, it embodies a versatile look, perfect for both seasoned and newbies. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: 448g
Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Leather Upper
Closure: Laces
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Ecco

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