Profile of the Ecco Golf Lux

Who is it for? The Danish brand offers this trainer to anyone who appreciates the old-school cool. 

Why is it good? Traditionalists will find comfort with the technologies injected on this shoe. 

  • The spiked outsole ensures that the foot is securely planted on the ground. 
  • The leather upper contributes to the lavishness of the shoe, and it quickly translates on the comfort that the player feels on the interior. 


Traction, and more. The bottom of the Ecco Golf Lux is scattered generously with six Champ Slim-Lok Zarma spikes. It is meant to not only deliver maximum hold of elevated and damp grounds but also to bring stability to keep a smooth swing until follow-through. 


Additional room option. Newbie Ecco buyers should not be intimidated by the offered size options. It is the brand’s reputation and signature to provide only one type of width because of its Danish roots. Two inlay soles are placed in the interior to accommodate wide feet and give additional toe room. 

On the inside, a leather lining is placed, which gives it a plush and breathable feel. 


Lavish leather. Drawing back to the golf roots, the upper of the Ecco Golf Lux is wrapped with a leather upper. The plush material boasts of bringing comfort and coolness to the foot. Taking it up a notch is the Hydromax treatment. It makes the shoe weather and sweat-resistant. 

Ecco Golf Lux Style

A rare gem out of all the contemporary-styled products on the market is what the Ecco Golf Lux is about. The contrast of the smooth leather upper on the forefoot area and slight texture on the saddle breaks the monotony of the material. 
The arrangement of circular perforations makeup with wingtip shoe design but more elaborate because of the size of the circles. The stitching on the midsole also creates a tonal accent that makes the shoe look more interesting.

Both young and mature golfers can appreciate how this shoe is styled. The timeless and classic look puts this shoe as a must-have. 


The current trend of Ecco Golf Lux.
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