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6 reasons to buy

  • A large percentage of commenters compliment the brand for its consistency in terms of comfort. There is no break-in time necessary. 
  • A couple of Ecco S-Lite owners claim that this is the lightest golf shoe that they have tried. It gives the feeling of playing barefoot. 
  • Some of the users say that this Ecco golf shoe delivers more than enough stability. 
  • One of the fashion-savvy golfers notes it is not overly clunky. It has a classic design that does not make the foot look huge. 
  • This spikeless golf shoe allows numerous players to improve their footing because it delivers a very close to the ground feel. 
  • A small number of purchasers claim that its price is worthy, given its quality.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One feels a bit bothered that there is no tongue loop on the laces. This design makes it always move which can be annoying. 
  • Because it lacks some waterproofing features, some of the users are disappointed that it is not meant to be worn during the rainy season or when the ground is wet.

Bottom line

Out of the box translates to the different aspects of the Ecco S-Lite, from performance to style. Even though the reduction of weight has been the main focus of this shoe, it was able to take advantage of other things like a closer-to-the-ground sole and a sleek design. With all the benefits they have reaped from their game, golfers cannot be more satisfied with the lightest golf shoe that they have tried.

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Good to know

Innovation has always been imprinted in the DNA of Ecco. An example is the conception of the spikeless outsole, which changed the game of golf shoes. However, the brand proves that it is only the beginning. The Ecco S-Lite was crafted with a specific goal in mind - reduce the weight of the shoe by not compromising performance and comfort. Currently, it is the lightest model that the brand has in its roster and proof of another success for the Danish company.

An extremely flexible E-DTS Light technology is placed on the bottom of this golf shoe. It is composed of a flexible material that is durable and strong enough to endure each round. What is also fascinating about this is that it is 66% thinner than the usual outsole used on Ecco shoes. This characteristic improves the footing of the golfer because it brings the foot closer to the ground. One hundred studs are also scattered to guarantee stability and traction from the first tee to the clubhouse.

The midsole displays another breakthrough innovation that is unique to Ecco. Fluidform is a direct injection process that produces a special kind of anatomical last through the use of fluid materials.

Ecco continues to dominate the Yak leather game, and it has been prevalent on several items from the brand. This material is manufactured in the brand’s own tanneries to certify only the best quality there is.  

What is different about the S-Lite is that it is embossed with diamond shapes to draw in lightweight breathability. Accentuating the heel is a contrasting leather, which prevents the foot from moving on each swing.

The spikeless construction of the Ecco S-Lite disguises this item as a lifestyle shoe, especially the way it is styled. The lightness of the shoe translates to its design as it is casual and cool. This shoe is ideally worn during summer or when the course is dry. Golfers can enjoy the options of wearing both trousers and shorts with these. 

  • The Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG awarded the internationally-renowned prestigious Red Dot design award to Ecco S-Lite in 2019.


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