Profile of the Ecco BIOM Hybrid 2

The introduction of hybrid or spikeless trainers revolutionized the golfing community. It opened the eyes of many golfers and footwear brands to change the general mindset that spikes are the only kind that can provide traction.

The Ecco BIOM Hybrid 2 is the next generation of golf gear. From the shoe's name, it highlights the BIOM technology which answers golfers' dilemma of better ground feel. It is usually sacrificed when other features like traction and stability are injected.


Stepping first into the game of spikeless golf shoes, Ecco ensures that they are also one of the best. The outsole of the BIOM Hybrid 2 is clad with the Ecco Dynamic Traction System (EDTS). It consists of a generous amount of 100 TPU bars equipped with 800 traction angles to ensure that traction is comparable to the spiked pairs. Moreover, because its lugs are not rugged, the shoe abides by the rules of green-friendliness.


The interior of the Ecco BIOM Hybrid 2 is filled with a removable comfort-fiber inlay sole. This midsole gives long-term cushioning to get through the 19th hole without issues. As it is also removable, it allows the shoe to house orthotics or indulge those that prefer more room on the insides.


Signature Yak. Ecco became reputable in the golf shoe arena for its use of Yak. Because the structure of the leather is thin and compact, it becomes almost impossible to cut the leather to smaller pieces. It results in a nearly one-piece upper, minimizing the use of materials and reducing the overall weight of the shoe. The extremely durable material is also incredibly breathable, ideal for performance wear.

In line with the yak, users are ensured that they are only getting the best. The brand has an in-house tannery to ensure quality control.

Hydromax Tech for maximum protection. Soaking feet can ruin one's game instantly. Ecco prevents moisture from seeping inside the shoe by treating the upper with Hydromax. The hydrophobic treatment is incorporated during the tanning process. It certifies that the waterproof properties are not only on the surface. 

Natural is best. The shoe also highlights the BIOM Natural Motion technology. It brings the players' foot closer to the ground through the anatomical last. Through this, stability is attained whatever the terrain condition is. 

Ecco BIOM Hybrid 2 Style

Carrying the brand's Danish orientation, the styling of the Ecco BIOM Hybrid 2 is clean and easy on the eyes. The smooth leather upper and minimal design boost the versatility of the shoe, making it a stylish pair to be worn on and off the course.

The yak leather brings in many benefits. But, in terms of style, it draws in uniqueness as it is quite a distinct material that is unmistakably Ecco. The way it ages gives the shoe more character, which only translates to additional style points when it is worn more frequently.

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