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6 reasons to buy

  • Many EB Sentinel reviews speak of the shoe’s top-tier level of comfort.
  • It toe hooks quite admirably, based on a small number of reports.
  • According to a customer, this climb-centric shoe provides amazing precision.
  • The Sentinel is astonishing in terms of sensitivity, says someone who has climbed in it numerous times.
  • This rock climbing shoe from EB breaks in quickly, a patron who has purchased it claims.
  • An owner recommends the Sentinel highly for sport-type ascents.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Less than a handful of EB Sentinel testers find this rock shoe a bit too difficult to slip into.

Bottom line

To take a chance on the Sentinel means to be in a super-comfy gear that has the capability to elevate one’s toe-hooking performance. Wearing one also translates to being seen in a fantastically precise and sensitive climbing shoe.

That said, it is allegedly a challenge to put on—something some senders might find rather inconvenient at first. Nonetheless, the Sentinel is a remarkable EB rock shoe, thanks to all the benefits it brings to the table

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Good to know

-The EB Sentinel is a downturned piece crafted to help climbers send challenging ascents, including high-grade ones. It is built extra soft to make pulling off vertical maneuvers as agile as possible.

-Its components are free of any animal substance, making it one of EB’s vegan-friendly kicks. As the shoe is treated with silver polyamide, it has proper defenses against odor-causing bacteria.

Downturn. EB’s Sentinel has an aggressive downward camber. Its pointed profile helps the foot to gain purchase on micro-footholds (think tiny nubbins and edges) without requiring too much leg power. Highly downturned shoes like the Sentinel favor single-pitch projects.

Applications. This performance-centric aggressive climbing shoe is built for sport routes and bouldering. Its target audience includes both intermediate senders and advanced climbers. Wearers may use it both indoors and outdoors.

The EB Sentinel is a below-the-ankle unisex rock climbing shoe. Female buyers may need to go down a full size to get a snug fit in it. It has an asymmetric construction, which means its confines will bend the foot inward. Its foot-conforming EVO upper might provide a little bit of stretch with regular use. A customized fit is courtesy of the Sentinel’s hook-and-loop closure.

Midsole. The Sentinel’s provision of support is sourced from its soft midsole. Its plush and flexible construction gives the shoe a slipper-like feel.

Outsole. This EB piece comes with the Daytona outsole for footing security on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is segmented by design, rendering the medial zone (arch) as flexible as possible. It is made of heavy-duty rubber with an overall thickness of 4 millimeters.

The EB Sentinel encloses the foot in its low-top shell made of microfiber. It can be worn and removed with relative ease thanks to its pair of synthetic heel pull loops. The presence of perforations all around it (especially around the instep and tongue) gives owners ample breathability and flexibility at the same time.

At its forefoot is a rubber rand for adequate toe-hooking grip. Its heel is also sufficiently randed to provide wearers with enough surface traction during rearfoot maneuvers.

The Sentinel’s fit management system consists of a pair of adjustable Velcro straps. Each of these straps is set through a beveled metallic buckle.

-Sebastien (Seb) Bouin is one of the EB Sentinel’s co-designers. Seb is a professional sport climber from France. His track record includes successfully sending 9a+/9b projects.

-Patrons of aggressive shoes with a soft overall build might want to give either the Black Diamond Shadow or the Scarpa Drago a try.


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