Verdict from 5 user reviews

5 reasons to buy

  • The EB Guardian is quite reassuring durability-wise, according to a decent number of users.
  • Based on a few of EB Guardian reviews, the rock shoe in question is astonishingly comfortable.
  • A couple of senders find this piece more affordable than most rock climbing shoes on the market.
  • This shoe is superbly precise, says a climber who has purchased it.
  • Its high adjustability is among its selling points, claims a shoe blogger.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The Guardian from EB could be a bit more flexible, says a patron who has climbed in it multiple times.
  • An owner is not that impressed with the rock shoe’s edge-less heel construction.

Bottom line

Where durability is concerned, the EB Guardian is a bankable climbing shoe. It is also a great piece of investment thanks to its remarkable precision and abundant supply of comfort.

That said, this budget-friendly rock climbing shoe might be too rigid for those who value freedom of movement above everything else. Nonetheless, the EB Guardian is a competent climbing tool, especially for folks who wish to climb more but spend less.

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Good to know

-The EB Guardian is built with comfort and sensitivity in mind. Its core design puts emphasis on efficiency, promising to give its wearer a versatile kind of climbing performance. Its middle-of-the-road rigidity improves its overall supportiveness.

-This climb-centric offering uses animal-free components from top to bottom, making it a vegan-friendly product. EB designers imbued it with silver polyamide, a substance that gives the shoe antibacterial properties.

Downturn. The Guardian is one of EB’s aggressively downturned rock shoes. With its highly downward camber, owners can toe into slots, edges, and other tiny (and tricky) footholds with enhanced precision. That being said, rock climbing kicks that fall under this category may only be comfortable enough for single-pitch projects.

Applications. This aggressive EB climbing shoe is engineered specifically for boulder-type ascents and sport routes. It is built mainly for intermediate climbers and highly experienced senders. Wearers may use it both indoors and outdoors.

The EB Guardian is a unisex rock climbing shoe with a low ankle cuff. Female patrons may need to get it a half or full size smaller than their sneaker size to get a snug fit. Its synthetic construction might yield little in the way of stretch. Thanks to its highly asymmetric interior, the foot is expected to bend inward within its confines. Fit personalization is courtesy of the Guardian’s hook-and-loop closure.

Midsole. Right underneath the user’s foot is the Guardian’s hardwearing midsole. EB shoemakers made it soft yet sturdy to provide a combination of comfort and support underfoot.

Outsole. The EB Guardian comes equipped with a heavy-duty rubber-based outsole called Daytona for surface grip. At 5 mm thick, it is designed to supply the climber with multi-directional slip and skid resistance for longer.

This aggressive rock climbing shoe encloses the foot in its microfiber upper, called Dynamic. It has a pair of synthetic pull tabs securely attached to its heel to make slipping in and out of its confines a quick affair. 

Both its instep and tongue areas have perforations, giving the shoe extra breathability as a result. EB engineers furnished its lower perimeter with sufficient randing to give climbing enthusiasts adequate traction while performing certain upper-level maneuvers, such as toeing and heel hooking.


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