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For such an affordable sneakerboot, the Cure High-Top brings more than skate excellence to the table. In this stunning high-top kick from DC, you'll go places with uber-pampered feet, whether on foot or on the board. It also delivers a heightened sense of security, especially around the ankle, giving you a level of boldness you've never had before.


  • Aesthetically incredible
  • Lovely walking comfort
  • Quite long-lasting
  • Gets clean easily
  • Budget-friendly for a boot
  • Supportive collar
  • Longboarding wonder


  • Too cramped
  • Subpar poke protection

Who should buy the DC Cure High-Top

A finely crafted layered leather sneaker is the DC Cure High-Top. Buy it if: 

  • You're into boots that look even more stylish with their tongues sticking out.
  • Skate sneakers that take less time to clean are what you're after.
  • You prefer shoes that fasten your ankles really well without sacrificing mobility.

DC Cure High-Top buya

Who should NOT buy it

If you want a high-top kick with a more forgiving fit, opt for the Crockett High from Vans. Also, consider The Lizzie if you need something cushier and springier underfoot.

DC Cure High-Top no

The cure for fashion blandness

Sneaker fans in droves are simply astonished by the Cure High-Top's slick beauty. "spiffy," "dope-looking," and "I absolutely love the look" are remarks that back their observation. 

DC Cure High-Top style

The caressing confines of the DC Cure High-Top

This skate-inspired shoe from DC is a trove of comfort, and many reviewers agree. One of them says that it "feels amazing to walk in."

DC Cure High-Top comf

Knows no premature wear and tear

The Cure High-Top, which is hailed by a sneaker collector as a pair of "sick kicks," is quite heavy-duty. It's "holding up pretty good," says someone who's been practically abusing the featured sneaker for months.

DC Cure High-Top tough

Skates like a dream

Tenacity on the board is one of the Cure High-Top's aces. Because of this, a sneakerhead highly recommends the boot, saying that it's "great for longboarding."

DC Cure High-Top performance

The Cure High-Top's supportive shaft

Based on reports, the DC Cure High-Top is very good at stabilizing the ankle. A non-professional reviewer says that it gives "a lot of support to the ankles."

DC Cure High-Top collar

A suffocating experience for chunky-footed folks

Numerous sneaker fans are unimpressed with the narrowness of the DC Cure High-Top. Take a look at these unfavorable comments:

  • "It is definitely too tight."
  • "These shoes are incredibly narrow."
  • "My pinky toe felt smashed."
  • "Not really meant for people that have wider feet."

DC Cure High-Top tight

Avoid those pointy rocks

Its sole unit could be a bit more protective or thicker. A shoe collector says that it's "super thin," which makes treading on rugged roads with sharp rocks a not-so-pleasurable experience.

DC Cure High-Top sharp

Among the easiest to clean from DC's lineup

There are those who find the Cure High-Top such a breeze to clean. This is despite the shoe's multi-layered upper, which can be a challenge to maintain on other high-collared sneakers.

DC Cure High-Top clean

Cure High-Top: Invigoratingly affordable

Its budget-friendly asking price of $70 is quite a steal. Compared with most high-top skate shoes, this eye-catching bad boy is $17 cheaper. For other affordable pieces, click here.