Our verdict


The DC Court Graffik SE featured almost the same elements as the original Graffik but was modernized with heavy-duty materials and details for contemporary consumers. This model is loaded with high-class comfort and support that suits the board use. While some griped about the insufficient arch support and poor board feel, many users still recommended this for its exceptional durability on and off the board with style and spunk.


  • Timeless style
  • Wide range of colorways
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Excellent support
  • Superb ground traction
  • High-quality materials
  • Comfortable fit
  • Eye-catching footwear


  • Insufficient arch support
  • Long break-in period
  • Chunky tongue
  • Poor board feel

Who should buy DC Court Graffik SE

DC Court Graffik SE is a well-cushioned skating shoe that is an ideal choice for people that are looking for:

  • sufficient support for board tricks and comfort for pavement touring.
  • sneakers with heavy-duty materials, suitable for casual activities and skateboarding tricks and flips.
  • simple skating profile shoe with puffy tongue and collar that give a bulky profile seated atop a thick and sturdy sole.
  • unique style sneaker that pairs great with any laidback casual clothes and feels comfortable on and off the board.

DC Court Graffik SE logo

A well-cushioned skate shoe

It has a mesh tongue and collar with ample cushioning and a removable insole that can be changed to one's preferred inserts.

DC Court Graffik SE front

Grip and durability

The multi-tone rubber outsole has the DC exclusive "Pill Pattern" that boosts the ground grip and durability. The heavy-duty leather upper is resistant to abrasion and heightens its durability.

DC Court Graffik SE sole

Breathability of DC Court Graffik SE

The shoe's vents improve its breathability.

DC Court Graffik SE midsole

History of DC Court Graffik SE

Damon Way and Ken Block started pondering on conceiving a sneaker that will forever alter the skateboarding style and performance in 1993. Together with the professional skater Danny Way, they launched the DC Shoes in California a year after.

DC Court Graffik SE laces

After a while, the brand started offering footwear, apparel, and accessories for various extreme sports, such as snowboarding, surfing, motocross, and BMX. The company designed modernized technologies that give ample heel support and Unilite soles. In 2001, the brand sold almost 2 million DC products in the market.

DC Court Graffik SE toebox

In 2012, DC launched its first women's line consisting of footwear, apparel, and accessories. Fast forward to the current days, DC is considered one of the leading companies for high-end footwear, accessories, and clothing for various extreme sports for men, women, and kids. The company was able to keep up with its primary mission, which is to deliver a significant change.

DC Court Graffik SE pair

The DC Court Graffik was launched having a chunky silhouette. This thickly padded shoe delivers footwear for skateboarders with superb support and excellent comfort. The SE iteration was launched subsequently offering more intensive materials and construction.