Who should buy the Danner Jag Loft

The Jag Loft is Danner's cozy entry into the slip-on hiking category. Add it to your shopping cart if:

  • You wish to go on winter excursions in something lace-free.
  • Light hiking shoes that feel like worn-in slippers on day one are what you're after.
  • You're into trail shoes that can pass as sneakers, aesthetically speaking.

Danner Jag Loft style

Who should NOT buy it

If easier on and off are what you're after, trade the Danner Jag Loft for the Ramble Puff from Chaco. And if you need extra support underfoot, check out the Salomon Outbound Prism instead.

Danner Jag Loft no

Incredible grip in every pair

Dubbed "THE BOMB" by an experienced trail-goer, this insulated Danner kick delivers excellent adhesion on various terrain. "They have great traction," says a hiker about their Jag Lofts. Pet owners also commend its stickiness on man-made surfaces, saying that the shoe is great for walking dogs.

Danner Jag Loft grip

No cold feet in its vocabulary

Warmth in cold weather is what you'll get from the Jag Loft. "My feet stayed totally warm," said an adventurer who had to trudge through inches of snow for several minutes.

Danner Jag Loft warm

Danner Jag Loft: A surprise hit in moisture protection

Despite not having any sort of waterproofing, the Jag Loft is capable of fencing out light wetness. "My feet stayed dry and didn't get wet," said a trail-goer who walked his dog in the rain for several miles. Another reviewer who needed to cut right through the snowy sections of his go-to trail said that his feet ended up "dry completely."

Danner Jag Loft repel

Unsoggy in no time

Among the most unbelievable things about the Jag Loft is its ability to shed moisture. A nature traveler says that it only takes the featured kick a couple of hours to dry completely.

Danner Jag Loft dry

The Jag Loft's tight access

There are those who find slipping into the Danner Jag Loft a bit tricky. Here's what they have to say about the issue:

  • "A bit difficult getting on."
  • "Really hard to get on."
  • "A little tight to get on."

Thankfully, the shoe's heel is collapsible, so wearing the shoe with it pushed down should be the way to go.

Danner Jag Loft access

An uber-plush slip-on hiker

Trail-goers commend the cushy feels the Danner Jag Loft provides. One of them says that, compared with most Merrell shoes, "these are more comfy."

Danner Jag Loft comf

The Jag Loft's got the swag

This Danner trail shoe has a glance-worthy design. Supporting this statement are remarks such as "good-looking shoe" and "I love the look."

Danner Jag Loft looks

Extra heel support wanted

It's been reported that the featured hiker doesn't feel as reassuring around the rearfoot. "They need more support by the heel," says an experienced adventurer about his Jag Lofts.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 11oz / Women 9.5oz
Use: Light Hiking / Snow
Cut: Low cut
Features: Lightweight / Eco-friendly, Insulated / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole / Antimicrobial
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Danner

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