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5 reasons to buy

  • Like most of the Chuck 70 silhouettes, the Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi receives praise from critics for the comfort it gives their foot.
  • A few reviewers express their appreciation for the new zip-up closure system as it keeps putting on and taking off the shoe easier.
  • A couple of users say that this pair of kicks, just like its predecessor, is more durable.
  • The thicker canvas material used for the shoe gains the favor of a good number of consumers.
  • Some of the reviewers noted that they enjoy how the shoe compliments their outfits really well.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of buyers complain about this shoe feeling heavier than the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker.
  • Some of the wearers aren’t really happy with the shoes standard flat soles as according  to them, it doesn’t give much arch support.

Bottom line

Undercover designer, Jun Takahashi, gives the classic Chuck 70 High Top silhouette an innovative design twist, blending the past and the present effortlessly. While staying true to its origins, the Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi features a distinctive dual enclosure system while keeping the rest of the shoe construction intact. 

Good to know

With its innovative combination of the zip-up and lace-up closing system, the Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi keeps locking down your foot more secure. The high-cut construction of this unisex shoe offers more ankle support. The Chuck 70 Hi silhouettes commonly runs large, as reported by the brand itself, therefore, you may have to consider going down in size when getting a pair of this sneaker.

With its snazzy new look, the Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi naturally blends with the modernism and progressiveness of street fashion. With the Chuck 70’s reputation in the streets as a timeless sneaker, this new rendition of the shoe keeps things simply trendy yet edgy.

                 Wearing My Pair Of Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi

As it lets its predecessor’s DNA stay in its structure, this version of the classic Chuck 70 High Top is quite versatile as well. Despite its innovative modification, it complements a wide variety of outfits, still. You may stick with the casual t-shirt and jeans or t-shirt and shorts combination, be a little sporty-looking with the hoodie and joggers mix, unleash your inner punk rocker with the band tee and black skinny jeans, or a little chic yet edgy (for women) with some high-waisted skirt and crop tops.

Giving the classic design of the Chuck 70 Hi silhouette some exciting twist, the Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi features a zip-up and also a lace-up enclosure system. As the silhouette is part of “The New Warriors” concept, the “NW” logo is noticeable on its lateral ankle.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star silhouettes have always been one of the staple models in the footwear industry. For over a century, with its heritage, the brand and its iconic shoe model, the Chuck Taylor All Star, has remained relevant in the sneaker culture and a symbol of movements for some of its sub-cultures. With the reputation the OG Chucks holds, the brand also released variations for the silhouette which also garnered quite some popularity. Among these is the Chuck 70 models.

                 The Chuck 70 Hi

Introduced in the 1970s and served as a successor of the Chucks All Star, the Chuck 70 High Top sneakers featured minor detail tweaks compared to the OG Chucks. The reason behind the changes the brand gave to the 70s version was to “offset” the rise in its production cost as well as keeping the manufacturing operation in the US.

In the 2013, Converse released the Converse Chuck 70 silhouettes. The reissued versions, although showcases the classic appearance of its predecessor, it features the enhanced modifications that the brand has given it for a more modern characteristic and quality. Among these modern modifications is the canvas material used for its upper which is notably thicker than the original model. 

Another apparent enhancement given to this reissued version is its higher and thicker soles which are fabricated with dense rubber compound. It also features polished toe caps and midsoles, presenting a cleaner and better appearance. The laces are apparently made with heavy cotton with its eyelets being nickel-plated. It had also been added with cushioned foam insoles.

                 Chuck 70 Hi Variations: Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi

After the 2013 reissue of the Chuck 70, multiple variations of it have surfaced whether they be iterations on the material are given to it, distinctive colorway changes, or notable collaborative releases. Some of these previous renditions of the Chuck 70 are the Converse Chuck 70 Pride High Top, Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Fear Of God, and the Chuck 70 Patent Leather Low Top. 

The latest released version of the Chuck 70 was the brand’s collaboration with Undercover in which the classic silhouette was reworked and given a fresh and exciting look. Sporting its traditional canvas upper, the Converse X Undercover Chuck 70 Hi comes in an off-white, black, and camo colorways.

  • Two notable metal rings can be seen on the Converse X Undercover Chuck Hi 70: one on its backstay and one near its toe cap.
  • “The New Warriors” branding is printed on the rubber toe cap of the sneaker.
  • The laces of the shoe are vertically tied along the sides of the center zipper.
  • You can still find the tongue of the shoe underneath the zipper.
  • The signature All Star patch logo are in the medial ankle part of the shoe.

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