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Converse Weapon CS is a remastered version of an all-time classic hoop shoe. Sneakerheads and NBA fanatics have a lot to say about its futuristic and nostalgic look. Its upper oozes with retro charm as it displays the all-too-familiar silhouette of the legendary Converse Weapon. A chunky platform sole replaces the bottom. This adds a "jarring" twist to the shoe's styling and makes the shoe "mad comfortable" at the same time.


  • Neck-breaking style
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Premium materials
  • Supportive ankle collar
  • Very durable
  • Height-boosting
  • Light on feet
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Creases easily
  • Slightly roomy fit

Who should buy the Converse Weapon CX

 Released as part of Converse's CX collection, this is a must-buy if you want to complete your CX shoe pile. If not, you might also want to consider this shoe if:

  • You are into height elevating platform kicks
  • You dig the look of edgy sneakers
  • The ankle-supportive construction of mid-tops excites you
  • Comfort is something you long for in a pair of shoes

Who should not buy this sneaker

If you want a one-on-one reissue of the classic, this isn't it. You'd probably find the looks of the Reebok Club High Top more appealing. In case you've got narrow feet, this kick might feel wide for you. With a similar style, check the Jordan Flight Club 91, which might give you a more comfortable fit. 

Converse Weapon CX is a retro, but more of a reimagined version

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn't the retro version of the once insanely popular 1986 Converse Weapon. Nevertheless, this iteration looks good and stylish with its familiar-looking upper and chunky bottom. Those who love the look of the Converse Run Star Motion would most likely enjoy the sporty yet retro style of these bad boys.

Conversation starter

Tweaking the straightforward classic basketball profile with an exaggerated upper and thick sole, this revamped classic quickly attracts the attention of countless onlookers. With its plethora of colorways available, picking which pair fits your style is a breeze. 

Ultra-comfy right out of the box

Compared to the regular Chucks, this one is far more comfortable. One tester even said that the CX foam feels a lot like Nike's React soles. Made specifically for lifestyle use, Converse made sure to boost this shoe's comfort levels by giving this sneaker cushy, "double-stacked-like" soles that enhance its durability and coziness. Meanwhile, its removable CX insole improves shock absorption and long-lasting comfort. 

Materials are all on point

All the materials used on this shoe look fantastic, from the oversized nylon tongue to the leather upper and EVA soles. The leather, in particular, feels nice and supple, even though it creases quickly.

Chunky platform sole

Its sole may not look as loud as those found in the Run Star Motion, but it looks thick and rugged. NBA fans felt a bit disappointed seeing the warped sole on their favorite classic. But this trade-off was worth it since it definitely amplified the shoe's comfort level and put its look forward to the future.

Classic Y-bar still works the way it does 

The Converse Weapon CX retains the classic's most prominent Y-bar feature, and it still works like a charm. Many like that it remains supportive. It also gives that bit of mobility your ankles wouldn't usually feel in a mid-top or high-top.

It fits like the regular Chucks

Like the regular Chucks, the Converse Weapon CX might feel a tad big for some. As such, sizing down might be an option, especially if your feet are somewhat narrow.

Priced right

Despite its price tag that is 20% higher than the average Converse sneakers, many think this pair is reasonably priced. Considering its materials' quality, stylish aesthetic, and comfortable in-shoe feel, this sneaker is worth your money. 

Does not drag the foot down

Even though this sneaker has a chunky profile, users did not complain about its weight. Many love how airy and easy their walk experiences were while in these sneaks.

Excels in durability game

Built with premium quality materials and a thick rubber outsole, this model has a longer lifespan than the other regular mid-top models. 

Lifts your height instantly!

What to boost your height quickly? The Converse Weapon CX will definitely suit you as its beefed-up rubber sole adds a few inches to your height. 

Converse Weapon: The precursor

Converse launched the Converse Weapon in 1986 as basketball footwear. It was endorsed by the National Basketball Association's Hall of Famers Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and was released even before Air Jordan dominated the hard courts. The weapon was known for its bulky profile and was known to be the most advanced basketball shoe during that time. This pair was covered with full leather upper, fully cushioned lining, and sole, seated on top of a no-frill rubber outsole.