Who should buy Converse Run Star Motion CX Platform

  • Those who are looking for chunky sneakers that are not heavy on the foot.
  • Fans of OOTD-worthy platforms from Converse
  • People who are shopping for a supportive and comfy casual sneaker that is ready to make a statement.

Converse Run Star Motion CX Platform converse-run-star-motion-cx-platform-laces

Who should not buy it

Consider Chuck Taylor All Star Move Hi for a snug-fitting alternative. Or switch to TURBOWPN Rick Owens DRKSHDW or Weapon CX if you want platform sneakers that are easier to walk with.

One of the comfiest Converse ever

Many testers claimed that Run Star Motion CX Platform is one of the most comfortable Converse sneakers out there. “These shoes are the COMFIEST,” claimed one tester. “They are so comfortable on feet compared to other Converse kicks,” agreed one sneaker fan. The shoes are made of high-quality materials which add to the overall comfort of the shoe, reasoned one sneakerhead. “I think that platforms in general are waaaayyyy more comfortable,” another reviewer retorted.

Converse Run Star Motion CX Platform converse-run-star-motion-cx-platform-toebox

Sizing down is necessary

The majority of the testers say the platforms are on the wide side. One tester with wide feet said the kicks fit them perfectly. “Just size down a half size as normal for Converse,” advised one sneakerhead. Check your shoe size with the Converse size chart for reference.

The soles are not just for show

The oversized soles of Run Star Motion CX Platform are bouncy and supportive, based on the reviews. “These shoes are very bouncy,” wrote one tester in their review. “They give a lot of support too,” they added. The sneakers have excellent support, noted another reviewer. 

Additionally, the height boost is enjoyed by many users. “They make me feel so powerful because of how tall they are!” exclaimed one sneaker fan. 

Takes a bit of time to get used to walking in them

If there’s an issue with the shoe, it’s the sole that could be a bit hard to walk in the first time. One tester said they were “swaying back and forth on them a lot” because of the rounded sole. According to another reviewer, it took them a second to walk in them because of the ridges on the sneaker. But it was fine once you got it under control, they added.

Converse Run Star Motion CX Platform converse-run-star-motion-cx-platform-midsole

Guess what… they are lightweight!

You’d be surprised, like many sneaker fans, to know that these kicks are not heavy despite their chunky appearance. “They are comfortable and lightweight,” reported one tester. “Even with being platforms aren’t that heavy!” exclaimed another reviewer. 

Converse Run Star Motion CX Platform converse-run-star-motion-cx-platform-tongue

Complete your OOTD with Run Star Motion CX Platform 

These platform kicks are undeniably fashionable based on the reviews. “They just don’t look basic so it’s a win-win,” said one sneakerhead. They are “easy to dress down or dress up,” quipped one user. “They feel like you’re on the moon, in space boots,” described one tester. “but you look good like you can be on the moon and the club at the same time,” they added. 

Converse Run Star Motion CX Platform converse-run-star-motion-cx-platform-heel

Facts / Specs

Base model: Converse Run Star Motion
Style: Chunky, Dad, Platform
Top: High
Inspired from: Basketball
Closure: Laces
Material: Rubber Sole, Canvas / Fabric
Season: Spring, Summer

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