Our verdict

Yes, it's true. The Converse Run Star Motion isn't for everyone. But if you're the type that loves a pair of beefy kicks that SCREAM, we can't recommend you any other shoes. Apart from its fascinating exterior, we found this shoe boasts a marshmallow-like in-shoe feel and an unbelievably versatile and lightweight construction. It's truly a unique piece that one can wear every day.


  • Show-stopper
  • Compliment magnet
  • Comfy
  • Surprisingly light
  • Well-built
  • Supportive
  • Height-boosting
  • All-rounder


  • Limited colorways
  • Roomy
  • Leaves some crease marks




Who should buy the Converse Run Star Motion

Apart from chunky kick fanatics, you should also get the Run Star Motion if:

  • You like unique and bold kicks that stand out
  • You want height-boosting sneakers that won't weigh your feet down
  • You hate stiff-soled kicks and prefer shoes with plush cushioning underfoot

Who should NOT buy it

Try other styles if:

  • you like bold shoes but find its sole too monstrous, check out a tamer variety 
  • you prefer more sunny colours, look at the Run Star Hike

Statement shoe for the bold and spirited

We are blown away by the Converse Run Star Motion's super edgy and crazy chunky style.

Bizarre but not awkward

We love that this shoe gets a lot of compliments from our family, friends, and even strangers.

Big but gentle

We, even the flat-footed among us, are surprised with this shoe's cushy soles, which add bounce to each of our steps. We are over the moon every time we walk using this one.

Chunky but not clunky

With its bulky sole, we are shocked to realise that this shoe is as light as a feather.

It doesn't wear out fast

We can attest that these shoes are well-made.

It doesn't strain the arch easily

The thick soles offered us ample arch support. The even better news is it doesn't put a lot of toll on our feet.

It makes you a fraction taller

We are happy with the Run Star Motion's platform-like soles, which boosted our confidence as they add a few inches to our height.

Blends with lots of sporty and streetwear clothes

Despite its unique look, we found that this shoe goes well with different outfits.

Short supply of colorways

We can't wait for this shoe to be released in more fun colorways, as we already know we are going to enjoy dressing them up.

A bit spacious for slim feet

We advise individuals with narrow feet to consider sizing down because we realised that this shoe can feel a bit loose.

Middle layer crinkles over time

We would like to warn you that the cushy sole has a tendency to show creases when worn. 

Converse Run Star Hike: the chunkiest of them all

Move over Adidas Crazy 8 and Nike Air Max 720. When it comes to crazy and chunky, the Converse Run Star Motion deserves the spotlight.

Converse breathes new life to their regular Chucks by ditching the minimal vulc sole and replacing it with a beefy, toothy outsole. The result is a chunky platform kick dubbed as Run Star Hike. The brand, however, thought they could do more. And they did.

Enter Converse Run Star Motion—a crazy-looking sneaker with a sole that we discovered is almost thrice as big as the classic Chucks.

Converse Run Star Motion vs. Converse Run Star Hike

Besides the obvious difference in these shoes' sole construction, here's a list of upgrades in the Run Star Motion that you won't see in the Run Star Hike:

  • The Run Star Motion's upper is made of organic cotton 
  • A lace loop is added on the tongue to keep the tongue centred
  • It's made comfier with the addition of the CX foam. This also trimmed down the shoe's weight