Who should buy the Converse Chuck 70 Plus

The Chuck 70 Plus from Converse is a classic reinvented, and it is most suitable for the following people:

  • wearers who are looking for sneakers that they can wear with a wide variety of outfits
  • shorter sneakerheads who might need a little boost in height
  • buyers who want something that they can wear at work the whole day

Who should NOT buy this sneaker from Converse

Reviews on the Converse Chuck 70 Plus's are not consistent. It's a bit roomy, but a vast majority of users agree that the Converse Weapon CX is true to size. The risk is a lot lower when you get this, especially through online platforms where you can't actually try the shoe on.

A user notices that the laces of this Converse sneaker fray quite easily. Wearers like him are going to be a lot happier with the Converse Chuck 70 High Top that features durable cotton laces.

Chuck 70 Plus: An amazing offer from Converse

"OMG is all I can say," says one obviously amazed wearer of the Converse Chuck 70 Plus. Another user says that they "can’t say enough positives" about this sneaker. For a third sneakerhead, it's clear that Converse as a brand "upped their game" in designing and producing this platform sneaker.

Wear it all day without pain

A wearer uses this sneaker to "walk around and run and jump a lot" at work the whole day, and he swears on the amazing comfort that it brings. Another wearer reports that he walks in this shoe for 8 hours without any issues. Because of all this, it is safe to say that the Converse Chuck 70 Plus deserves the "super comfortable" descriptor that at least two wearers use.

The devil(ish beauty) is in the details

A wearer notices that the Converse Chuck 70 Plus looks like any other Chuck shoe from afar, but "upon looking...details, details, details." Another user reports that he is "obsessed with the little details" that make this shoe not only beautiful but also unique.

Style? It's both classic and current

A happy wearer of this Converse shoe says that it is the "perfect balance" between classy and modern. Another user points out that the colors of this shoe match well together. It is perhaps because of this that another wearer says this shoe gets a "10/10 for looks." Of course, these three reviewers are just some of the many wearers who fell in love with the overall style of the Converse Chuck 70 Plus. 

Chuck 70 Plus: Versatile in ways that matter

The Converse Chuck 70 Plus is both functionally and stylistically versatile. A wearer points out that this shoe is light enough to be worn casually the whole day. It is also supportive and comfortable enough for more targeted activities such as shopping and doing some work.

A fashion-savvy sneakerhead says that this shoe is able to "go great" with different types of outfits. Because of this, another wearer labels this shoe as a "wardrobe must-have." People who do not have the time to really think about their outfits for the day are going to appreciate the versatility that this shoe delivers.

The laces easily fall prey to fraying

Although he is generally very satisfied with the Chuck 70 Plus, a wearer still points out that the laces easily give in to wear and tear. Good thing this part of the shoe is not hard to replace.

Look taller with the Converse Chuck 70 Plus

There are several platform sneakers out there, but a wearer declares: "This is probably the only platform I'll buy." This is because the shoe still manages to look sleek and slim even with the quite pronounced midsole. Another user comments that this shoe "gives [a] real boost in height" without being unsightly.

This shoe earns a lot of recommendations

The Converse Chuck 70 Plus pleases a lot of wearers so much that they are willing to recommend this shoe to friends and colleagues. Some of them are even willing to buy another pair in a different color. 

It can get a little roomy

Though there are wearers who share that this shoe fits as expected, those who say that this shoe is quite roomy cannot be easily ignored. Because of this, it is wise to try this shoe in-store before making any decision to purchase.

Facts / Specs

Style: Platform, Retro
Top: High
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Converse Chuck 70
Closure: Laces
Material: Canvas, Rubber Sole / Fabric
Season: Summer, Spring

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