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“Grabs your attention in both form and function” is a nice catch-phrase for the Trailstorm Waterproof from Columbia. It is a versatile piece that gets your adventurous blood going as you dash your way in comfort and style through trails and cityscapes. And with its featherweight construction and ultra-low asking price, the Trailstorm Waterproof is simply terrific.


  • Confidence-inspiring traction
  • Lasting comfort
  • Exemplary water protection
  • Dependable arch zone
  • Lightweight
  • Eye-catching
  • Among the budget-friendliest


  • Not very breathable
  • Week-long break-in period

Who should buy Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof

With its urban aesthetics and low-profile construction, the Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof can be mistaken for a pair of sporty sneakers. You're part of its target crowd if:

  • The trails you tackle range from well-maintained to moderately rugged.
  • You want something that blurs the line between hiking kicks and sneakers.
  • You don't ever want your feet to be soaked in light-to-moderate rain.
  • Shoes that let you pull off lightweight strides are what you need.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof A

Who should not buy it

Keeping your feet sweat-free may not be the featured shoe's strongest suit. As such, you might want to opt for the breathable Columbia Fairbanks Low instead. Also, if you want something incredibly comfy minus the break-in time, check out the Salomon Outbound Prism GTX.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof B

Comfort that endures

Numerous hikers agree that this hiking shoe possesses a kind of comfort that persists on extended trips.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof C

The Trailstorm Waterproof's amazing traction

The Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof, according to professional bloggers, provides confidence-inspiring traction, even on slick surfaces (think wet grass and fresh mud).

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof D

Does the Waterproof in its name justice

Many reviewers, including a professional critic, are not one bit disappointed with the hiker’s exemplary water protection. They say that as long as you're not in a heavy downpour, your feet will stay moisture-free.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof E

Not the most breathable

This urban hiker would have been rated much higher (by an expert) had it come with more breathable confines.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof Summer

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof equals wobble-free arch

Seasoned gear testers say that the Trailstorm Waterproof is mighty “supportive for prolonged use.” They are, apparently, referring to the shoe's dependable arch zone.

Blessed with superb lightness

At no more than 700 g a pair, this Columbia offering is among the lightest bunch here on RunRepeat. It's also worthy of note that the featured shoe is lighter than the average weight of urban/day hiking shoes by approximately 60 g per pair.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof H1

Takes time to loosen up

There are those who say that the Trailstorm Waterproof has an extended break-in period. Most of them had to hike for a whole week just to get the shoe's confines to relax.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof I

Talk of the town

The Trailstorm Waterproof has the looks that matches its incredible day hiking performance. Indeed, wearing one translates to second glances and tons of compliments from hikers and non-hikers alike.Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof J

Delightful to the thrifty

With its 100-dollar price tag, this offering from Columbia screams, "you won't regret buying me!" To put things into perspective, the Trailstorm is approximately $45 cheaper than the average cost of waterproof hiking shoes.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof K

The ankle-supportive sibling of the Trailstorm Waterproof

This doozy waterproof hiker has an ankle-supportive sibling in the Columbia Trailstorm Mid Waterproof.

Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof L