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5 reasons to buy

  • Water protection: Almost everyone who has tested the Columbia Facet 45 Outdry adores its incredible waterproofing.
  • Comfiness: Based on numerous reviews, this hiker has a lot to give in the comfort department.
  • Aesthetics: The Facet 45 Outdry is a real sight to behold, according to many owners.
  • Versatility: Its performance on both city pavements and uneven terrain is remarkable, a couple of hikers claim.
  • Fit: The snugness of its confines is quite reassuring, one tester says.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Access: To some trail-goers, the Columbia Facet 45 Outdry hiking shoe is difficult to slip into.
  • Durability: A hiker is not impressed with its outsole—it thins around the toe zone easily.

Bottom line

Columbia’s take on the sock-like collar trend, the Facet 45 Outdry bridges the gap between urban lifestyle and the world of hiking. While its sleekness and modern aesthetics give sneakers a run for their money, the shoe’s blend of comfort and wet-weather performance takes center stage. Yes, your city-to-trail adventures will be on a whole new level wearing the Columbia Facet 45 Outdry.

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Facet 45 Outdry: What it brings to the table

Lacing up not required. Its proprietary closure system, a.k.a. the Kinetic Lacing System, delivers a kind of lockdown that adapts to your foot shape with time. It also eliminates dead space around the arch, making each stride snappier.

Extra heel security. The Facet 45 Outdry’s geometry-conforming midsole has a fanned-out heel zone, which provides additional rearfoot stability. It is also slightly rockered around the heel, which allows the foot to land on flatter surfaces with ease.

A homier ankle experience. Unlike most hiking shoes, this Columbia offering has a sock-like collar, which goes beyond the ankle, lightly resembling a mid-cut boot. While it hardly adds to the footgear’s supportiveness, this component makes the shoe comfier and more protective around the ankle.

The Columbia Facet 45 Outdry’s two other siblings

Columbia’s catalog is made diverse with the inclusion of the Facet 45 Outdry. It makes 1/3 of the Facet family. Yes, it shares the spotlight with two other kicks—Facet 15 and Facet 30 Outdry. Their defining characteristics are as follows:

Facet 15

  • Low-rise ankle cuff – promotes freedom of mobility
  • Stain- and water-resistance – lengthen the shoe’s longevity
  • Ghillie lacing – delivers a highly personalized fit

Facet 30 Outdry

  • Mid-rise collar – grants enhanced ankle support
  • Waterproofing – delivers sufficient moisture protection in light rain and shallow waters
  • Quick-pull lacing system – makes lockdown customization possible with one hand

Takeaway: If you hike in mostly wet conditions and ankle mobility is something you require, opt for the Facet 45 Outdry. If you only need the collar freedom, the Facet 15 is a great choice. Consider the Facet 30 Outdry, on the other hand, if you need that tighter ankle security + serious waterproofing.


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