Things you will be in for while wearing Columbia’s Zerogrand Hiker Boot

If you are into exemplary hiking boots, particularly those that blur the line between casual shoes and trail kicks—then this footgear is for you. While that may sound enticing enough to encourage you to buy one, there is more to the Zerogrand Hiker Boot than meets the eye. What we mean is listed below:

The trail-worthy stuff:

  • Membrane-free water protection – The shoe relies on its treated leather upper to do the heavy lifting waterproofing-wise. This means that you get dry feet minus the added weight of a liner.
  • Reinforced rear – With its stitched-on back part overlay, your heel will have sufficient support on rugged paths.
  • Extra-flexible forefoot – This design choice translates to easier forward momentum, which puts a burst in your stride when needed.
  • Smearing capable – A feature normally seen in approach shoes, the Zerogrand Hiker Boot’s smooth-yet-rubberized toe zone allows for more smearing control. Smearing is a climbing maneuver that requires the front end of the outsole to press and “smear” on a slab or low-grade boulder.

Possible causes for concern:

  • The outsole’s deep grooves can get caked with mud or trap in rocky debris, lessening the shoe's sticking performance as a result.
  • The tongue gusset is quite short, which can lead to seepage if the water level is an inch higher than the ankle.

Additional info

  • The boot’s women’s version is more affordable than the men’s, with or without a discount.


The current trend of Cole Haan Zerogrand Hiker Boot.
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Paul Ronto
Paul Ronto

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