Who should buy the Clarks Wallabee

This suede sneaker is a combination of finesse and charm. If you have a classy personality, this minimalist sneaker is a match! It is comfortable even on the first wear. So, if you work in retail or in a grocery store where you are required to stand all day long, this is the pair for you. Clarks Wallabee is also a go-to for quick errands as they are simple to put on and off. 

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Who should not buy it

You are better off without the Clarks Wallabee if you:

  • Prefer a more affordable yet comfortable pair, just like Globe Dart LYT
  • Don’t like sneakers that would immediately look dingy after a few wears. Check Clarks Trigenic Flex instead
  • Do not pay much attention to cleaning your shoes.

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Clarks Wallabee accommodates wide feet 

Clarks Wallabee is “kind of like a boat” on your foot if you have a regular-sized one (not too wide, not too narrow), per a reviewer's description. Many suggested getting the exact size to leave about half an inch of space for the toes and the sides. 

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This toe room is already enough for wide-feet reviewers, but some still opted for a half-size increase. However, according to others, going half a size down is also not a bad idea if you need a tight fit. 

Phenomenal on-foot experience

A reviewer seems to have “no words to describe how [these] feel on feet.” On the other hand, multiple comments revealed that Clarks Wallabee is “ready to wear right out of the box.” 

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Since the sneakers do not require a break-in period, many described them to “feel like slippers.” One comment also said wearing Clarks Wallabee is basically “walking on a trampoline” because of how soft yet responsive the sneakers are. 

Made to endure long hours of wear

The crepe rubber sole was believed to be the reason why Clarks Wallabee is great for standing for long periods. According to a sneakers lover, it is super soft “like a cloud,” and it feels incredible to stand on. He also admired how much shock absorption the material provides. “Lived up to the hype” is probably the best comment to define the sneaker’s performance based on people’s experiences. 

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Sucks up dirt quickly

The downside of the plushy crepe rubber sole for users is that it is a dirt magnet. One enthusiast said Clarks Wallabee ages within a week or two of wear as its sole quickly picks up dust particles compared to other sneaker outsoles. A reviewer claimed that the option to re-sole the sneaker is possible but not practical.

Easy to slip on and off

Sneakerheads adored the easy-wear feature of the Clarks Wallabee. They said the sneaker has a wide enough mouth opening that can be simple to lace up, adjust, and engulf the foot. 

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Clarks Wallabee is built with impeccable quality

People love how soft the suede is, which made a fan state that the leather conforms to the foot “like a pair of old bedroom shoes.” The insides are also reinforced with generous padding that is not easy to wear out, as mentioned in a comment. 

Clarks Wallabee clarks-wallabee-sole

Even after putting it through the wringer, reviewers testified that this sneaker is still in great shape. Others also said the sole held up far better than any shoes they owned.  

The definition of smart casual

Clarks Wallabee sneakers “ooze style and sophistication,” as affirmed in a comment. Fans believe that these are perfect for tasteful and subtle dressers. People noted that nothing much was going on in the shoes but still projected refinement and elegance.

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Small but definitely not insignificant details

Wallabee’s laces being capped with metal instead of plastic is a little detail that jacked up the classiness of the sneaker, according to a sneakerhead. Another element that many thought adds a lot of refinement to this otherwise simple sneaker is the attached Clarks Originals tag.

Hefty price tag

Many loved the overall quality and performance of Clarks Wallabee, but some thought its retail price of $160 was a bit steep, given that it is 24% higher than the average price of sneakers. Moreover, here are the prices of some moccasin-inspired sneakers for comparison:

Clarks Wallabee clarks-wallabee-heel-counter

Walter White's wannabe copped the Clarks Wallabee

These sneakers are truly “taking up space in the sneaker scene,” just like a reviewer said because many copped the pair after seeing iconic figures wear them. Some celebrities mentioned and followed by shoppers are the Wu-Tang Clan and Walter White from the Breaking Bad TV series.

Facts / Specs

Style: Classic, Dressy, Minimalist
Inspired from: Casual
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Suede, Rubber Sole
Season: Fall, Spring, Summer
Colorways: Black / Brown / White / Beige / Purple / Green / Blue / Pink / Grey / Yellow / Red / Orange
SKUs: 26155514 / 26155515 / 26155518 / 26155519 / 26155522 / 26156606 / 26166306 / 26168842 / 26168854 / 261594327

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