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10 reasons to buy

  • Adventurers by the dozens applauded this sandal’s amazing overall performance on the trail, be it wet or dry.
  • According to a large number of wearers, the Chaco Z/2 Classic had a level of comfort that is simply off the charts.
  • Users in droves greatly admired this strappy footwear for its sturdy construction.
  • Based on a good number of reviews, the Z/2 Classic was a remarkably versatile hiking sandal.
  • This product simply doesn’t disappoint when it comes to color variety, according to many reviewers.
  • Some hikers deeply appreciated the added security brought forth by the Chaco Z/2 Classic’s toe strap.
  • This hiking sandal is budget friendly, and a handful of purchasers couldn’t agree more.
  • Its stunningly stylish looks were praised by several owners.
  • According to a professional footwear critic, the Z/2 Classic’s arch support was the real deal.
  • An expert reviewer found a dependably stabilizing platform in this sandal.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The Chaco Z/2 Classic failed to meet the expectations of many for running large.
  • Some users were outraged by the sandal’s adjustable straps. They said it took them some time just to get the right configuration.
  • A handful of users were left unimpressed with the sandal’s drawn-out break-in time.
  • The Z/2 Classic’s weightiness didn’t sit well with a couple of testers.
  • A very small percentage of reviewers, which include a Youtube vlogger, regarded the sandal’s ankle strap as bothersome. They said that, when strapped all the way in, its remainder drags on the ground—and irritatingly so.

Bottom line

The Z/2 Classic multi-sport sandal's greatness is due in no small part to its 5-star level of comfort and exemplary performance. Couple these with durability, a reassuring toe strap, and a healthy selection of colors, and wearers got themselves a fine hiker. However, users didn't like its cumbersome build and annoyingly time-consuming, adjustable straps. People also felt misled by its inconsistent sizing. In conclusion, Chaco’s Z/2 Classic has a lot going for it that tries to outshine the seemingly huge shadow of flaws casting over it.

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Good to know

  • Chaco’s Z/2 Classic comes with a toe loop at the front. At the rear are the adjustable webbing heel risers which provide wearers a custom heel fit.
  • Yet another Chaco-exclusive feature is Luvseat midsole. This component seamlessly integrates with the odor-resistant footbed for a protected and stink-free hiking adventure.
  • For traction, the Z/2 Classic features the non-marking ChacoGrip outsole. It includes a grippy tread pattern and low-profile lugs.

The Chaco Z/2 Classic is an open-toe, heel-strapped sandal for both and women. It has a fairly true-to-size fit. Both the men and women’s versions are offered in a number of whole sizes and come in standard and wide widths. The adjustable straps, heel risers, and ladder lock buckle make fit customization possible.

Equipped with a ChacoGrip outsole, the Z/2 Classic promises a kind of surface traction that works on different terrain types, whether wet or dry. This non-marking, Chaco-owned grippy layer is made of a specialized rubber compound. Its surface sports a double helix tread pattern for multi-directional traction and 3.5-mm lugs for grip over loose soil. Its rear and front ends are ridged to assist hikers during ascents and descents. 

The cushy, shock-absorbing, and arch-supportive platform of the Z/2 Classic is the Chaco-patented Luvseat midsole. It is made of polyurethane—a material similar to rubber, characterized by high stress and compression resilience, abrasion resistance, and lasting durability. Besides acting as the upper’s foundation, this midsole also serves as a channel through which the webbing strap unit moves during strap adjustments.

Extra cushioning is courtesy of the sandal’s non-removable footbed. Its slightly raised heel borders keep the foot centered, while its textured surface prevents underfoot slippage. For odor prevention, the engineers imbued the footbed with antimicrobial properties. 

The Chaco Z/2 Classic’s patterned webbing upper, which includes the heel risers and  toe loop, is made of polyester jacquard fabric—a synthetic textile known for its durability and lightness. Its scuff-resistant, adjustable straps are interconnected and work as a unit in giving wearers a personalized fit. The injection-molded strap buckle is made of a material akin to hard plastic. 

  • The midsole of the Z/2 Classic is 100% animal free or vegan friendly.
  • Every footwear product by Chaco features the Luvseat footbed. Its ergonomic design is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


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