Who should buy the Chaco Lowdown 2

The Lowdown 2 is a practical hiking sandal from Chaco which is likely to match your needs if:

  • you want a budget-friendly pair of sandals
  • you need an extra light, barely-there summer sandal
  • you prefer a toe loop for extra security

Chaco Lowdown 2 who should buy

Who should NOT buy the sandal

This Chaco sandal is not your best bet if you need a high-quality, durable pair for extended periods of wear. Instead, consider Chaco's Z/2 Classic or Z/Cloud 2.

Chaco Lowdown 2 who should not buy

Cushioned and comfortable for short walks

As long as you take it easy in the Lowdown 2, you are likely to enjoy it as much as many other wearers did. Here is what they say in regards to the sandal's comfort:

  • "a lifesaver for flat feet"
  • "love the comfort of the sole"
  • "nice cushion to every step"
  • "soft footbed is a comfy dream to wear"

Also, someone who has worn the Lowdown 2 for over 50 miles in total through cities, forests, and beaches happily reports that her feet didn't hurt at all.

Chaco Lowdown 2 cushioning

Chaco failed with the straps on the Lowdown 2

Even though some people managed to get the hang of the straps and adjust the fit comfortably, most wearers ended up having problems with the straps.

Those with average-to-narrow feet couldn't get the straps tight enough. Or, if they could, the strap ended up dragging the floor. They also noticed that the Lowdown 2 fits looser than the other Chacos they owned.

Chaco Lowdown 2 toe strap

Someone was disappointed that the straps didn't stay snug enough and they had to constantly readjust. Others had to deal with hot spots and blisters caused either by the straps or the strap holders.

All in all, the unfortunate strap setup in this Chaco prevented it from becoming the go-to for many people.

Chaco Lowdown 2 straps

Lighter than a feather!

"Super lightweight!" - the reviewers agree that the Lowdown 2 has got to be the brand's lightest sandal. What's more, it offers a perfect amount of support without being too bulky or heavy.

Chaco Lowdown 2 lightweight

Not a heavy-duty sandal 

Somewhere between one day to a few months of wear, the Chaco Lowndown 2 began to fail for its wearers. The weakest parts of the sandal turn out to be the front of the sole (which acts is a toe bumper) as well as the straps attachments. For some, it was actually enough to accidentally scrape the sidewalk with the sandal to get it scuffed.

Chaco Lowdown 2 durability

"I feel like I'm wearing a knock-off brand," complains one of the reviewers.

Chaco Lowdown 2 is one of the best-looking sandals

Appealing color choices and "super cute" design have been the primary reasons why people bought this Chaco sandal in the first place.

Indeed, its monochromatic colors are very enticing with their potential to go with everything.

Chaco Lowdown 2 style

As one of the reviewers pointed out, the Lowdown 2 can go with both casual and semi-casual attires.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 218g / Women 139g
Use: Light Hiking, Multi-sport, Water hiking
Features: Vegan, Strappy / Lightweight / Non-marking
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Chaco
Construction: Vegan, Strappy
Material: Rubber sole

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