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Although relatively new to the industry of producing running specific shoes, Zoot has proven time and again that the shoes they manufacture are easily on the same level with the best footwear traditional giants of the industry are producing. Based on more than 100,000 reviews online, Zoot has even found a niche in the running world as a company that produces very innovative and runner-friendly features.

What does Zoot offer in their best road shoes?

best zoot road running shoes
Best Zoot road running shoes - November 2019

  • Premium cushioning with matching responsiveness are necessary in road running. Repetitive pounding on the road could certainly cause tired legs to falter if cushioning and rebound capabilities are less than perfect. Zoot offers in their road shoes excellent blend of soft cushioning and responsiveness.
  • The use of injected ZVA has done wonders for Zoot in their road shoes. It greatly attenuates shock and rebounds like no other. More than that, this midsole foam is also very durable. It ensures the runner that the right blend of cushioning and responsiveness last for a very long time.
  • Zbound insole is another type of feature that enhances the cushioning of the shoe. In several versions of the best Zoot road shoes, the insoles are removable. The runner can do away with the insole if he already feels sufficient cushioning is already available or he can customize the cushioning with aftermarket or customized insoles.
  • Barefit Technology allows the runner to wear these road shoes sockless. A seamless inner lining and plush materials are used in the shoe to eliminate blisters or rubbing. Drilex Technology takes care of microbial concerns like odor and sweat.
  • The use of upper mesh provides superb shoe ventilation. A dry and cool run is a guarantee with these road shoes. Part of the upper construction is the plastic overlays. These overlays contribute to the snug fit as well as overall shoe integrity and support.
  • The clinching deal for these road shoes are the patented lace up closure. One quick tug and the foot are wrapped inside in a snug and comfortable fit. The locking system does not come undone during the run.
  • Runners of various biomechanics are addressed with the best Zoot road shoes. Overpronators or runners who roll inwards after striking can find several choices among the best road shoes. Neutrals and supinators can also choose to their hearts content the right shoe in Zoot’s wide array of road shoes.
  • Carbon rubber and blown rubber are combined for great traction on various surfaces. These rubbers make these road shoes very durable.

What are the factors in getting the best Zoot road shoes?

  • Weight. The best Zoot road shoes go no heavier than 10z. The runner looking for a daily trainer should get the ones with more weight while runners who would love to race should go with those who have less weight.
  • Heel-to-toe drop. Zoot is one of the advocates of the low heel offset. Sensory perception is of prime importance in all of their shoes. All Zoot road shoes have a low heel to toe drop.
  • Arch support. Plenty of arch support is found in the road shoes that cater to overpronators. Less stability is found in neutral road shoes offered by Zoot.