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 Runners of all ages and types should be thankful that Zoot has expanded its repertoire in the running world. From producing triathlon specific shoes only, Zoot has ventured into other areas and have done great so far. Zoot has had the honor of being the underfoot protection of people from various walks of life. The company’s long list of fans includes athletes, entertainers, actors, and the average Joe. More than 100,000 reviews so far have expressed confirmation of the company’s amazing shoe lines.

Why should you get the best Zoot competition shoes?

  • Zoot is known for the kind of low-profile shoes they produce. Thus, it is no coincidence that the best Zoot competition shoes are low profile in nature. Most of these race shoes sit close to the ground for great underfoot perception. The lower the shoe goes the quicker the runner responds to the underfoot terrain. It allows the runner to adjust his run for protection as well as speed.
  • Nature dictates that the more lightweight the shoe is, the better the opportunity the runner has of going fast. The best Zoot competition shoes are super light. They have a non-existent feel that allows the runners to concentrate on their progression for a faster ride and completely forget about the footwear.
  • The best Zoot race shoes are also very flexible. Race shoes carry minimal stability features and consequently are more flexible by design and construction. These shoes can be twisted from heel to toe and from the inner to the outer side.
  • Responsive cushioning is an absolute must for the best race shoes. Zoot offers a cushioning that is not too soft or too stiff to run on. The carbonspan + midsole foam does a perfect job of dissipating shock and translating the energy upon impact for a very powerful toe off.
  • Ultra breathable upper and moisture-wicking inner shoe material ensure a cool and dry run. Antimicrobial features are also in place to eliminate the embarrassing smell of a sweaty foot.
  • The best Zoot competition shoes are triathlon specific. These have unmatched triathlon technologies. Among the technologies used are the drainage holes underfoot. The holes allow the shoe to drain water fast and keep it dry the entire run. Heel and collar tabs are ever present in these triathlon race shoes. These features allow for lightning fast transition to the run leg of the triathlon.
  • The patented one-tug lacing system is another Zoot innovation. One quick pull of the laces and the foot is securely tied inside in a comfortable and snug fit. The sockless wear technology is consistent with Zoot’s time saving and speed inducing features.

How to pick the best Zoot competition shoes?

  • Fit. Seamless inner lining and plush material provide the runner with a comfortable feeling inside. Excellent upper support and the patented lacing system complete the package of superior fit.
  • Weight. The best Zoot competition runnning shoes are super light. This is designed so the runner forgets that he is wearing one and allows him to concentrate on shaving off some time.
  • Cushioning. CarbonSpan+ and Zbound midsole foams are exceptional in giving premium and responsive cushioning.