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Adidas’s rise to popularity in the basketball scene was marked by the Adidas Superstar’s release in 1969. At the time the shoe debuted, leather uppers and shell toes were utterly unheard of, thus catching the attention of athletes. These revolutionary elements of the shoe were soon adapted by basketball shoes used in the NBA, making Adidas the household name that it is today. Up to this day, the lasting impression of the Adidas Superstar is felt not only in the courts but also in the streets. Meanwhile, Adidas remains to be among the leading brands in basketball shoe manufacturing with their modern innovations and bolder shoe designs.

The Three Stripes has definitely caught up with modern trends in basketball from their unique technologies to their out-of-the-box design concepts. Gone are the days when the only sneakers that graced the hardcourts were ones in black and white. As modern basketball welcomed bolder and brighter hues, brands are also quick to catch up, including the German superbrand. Along with innovative design tweaks, Adidas has given players a wide variety of options when it comes to colorways, from more subdued tones of blue and black sneakers to daring combinations of yellow Adidas basketball shoes.

Noteworthy Technologies of Adidas Basketball Shoes

best yellow adidas basketball shoes
Best yellow Adidas basketball shoes - June 2019

When it comes to sports, Adidas has always been a leader in innovation. The revolutionary design of their sneakers marks its early beginnings as a brand. Whether it be a pair of classic black and white sneakers or bright yellow Adidas basketball shoes, what sets these shoes apart from others is the modern technologies equipped on each of them. Here is a quick rundown on the top technologies featured in Adidas basketball shoes.

Adiprene. In this modern innovation, the brand has utilized viscous material placed at the heel area. This feature works to absorb impact as well as provide added flexibility when running or dribbling on the hard court surface. Consequently, this results in reduced stress on the body, particularly the legs. This technology is seen on the D Rose 4, which is specifically the blue crash pad glued to its midsole. It is also featured on various models from the brand’s running shoe line.

Boost. Tagged as the brand’s most innovative cushioning technology, the Boost makes use of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material that compresses under pressure. This mechanism allows for better shock absorption while offering much flexibility as it bounces back to its original shape. Initially developed for running shoes, this foam is said to provide the highest energy return resulting in a more consistent run. Now, this innovation is adapted in basketball shoe design and is featured on a good number of hoop shoes. One of these sneakers is the Harden Vol 3, which comes in many colorways including white, black, and yellow Adidas basketball shoes

Bounce. Compared to the Boost, this technology is described to be firmer and heavier, which results in better stability with each stride and heel strike. It is also quite bouncy giving wearers a right amount of court feel, alongside impact protection when jumping or running around the court. It may not be as pronounced as the Nike Zoom, but many players prefer the bounciness it offers on the hard surface. This feature is used on yellow Adidas basketball shoes like the Dame 5 and the Pro Bounce 2018.

GeoFit. This internal footwear technology is a foam construction that works to enhance fit and comfort where it is needed. It is often used at the ankle or heel collar of shoes facilitating a glove-like fit. By placing some padding on specific areas of the foot, a more effective and even distribution of pressure is achieved. It also results in improved stability and a greater level of protection alongside an enhanced fit in the heel because of its soft texture and contouring properties. A yellow Adidas basketball shoe that utilizes this innovation is the Adidas Crazy Explosive.

The color Yellow: what does it mean?

Yellow is deemed as a happy color that carries a lot of optimism and energy. Color psychology suggests that it is the most joyful color in the spectrum. It is also said to spark creative thoughts and bring about enlightenment where it is used. In terms of its physical effect, this bright hue stimulates the nervous system and activates memory and other mental processes, especially since it resonates with the left side of the brain.

Yellow is a color commonly seen in sports, including basketball, with many NBA teams using it in their team uniforms. With the dawn of colored basketball shoes on the hardcourt, yellow Adidas basketball shoes have also become a staple in the courts, particularly in their Kobe Bryant and James Harden signature shoes. The Adidas Crazy 8 and the Adidas Harden B/E are some of the popular yellow Adidas basketball shoes available in the market.