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Waterproof walking shoes for women

As the days get cold and wet, a pair of waterproof shoes is a no-brainer. Brands like New Balance, ASICS, and On, have made sure to keep your feet dry with their offerings.

The types of shoes vary from more athletic-looking ones, like On Clouds, to the more rugged, leather shoes that look much like hiking footwear. Actually, you can broaden your options by also checking out waterproof running shoes and waterproof hiking shoes.

Women's waterproof walking shoes aren't so expensive with RunRepeat

The average price for all types of walking shoes is $89. But if you want a waterproof one, the price tag jumps up to $150 on average. Yes, that extra is charged for the more advanced waterproofing materials added to these shoes.

But thanks to RunRepeat, you can catch a discount as high as 70% for a pair! We are partnering with nearly 200 footwear retailers online to keep track of the prices for each product. Whenever there is a deal, we are always the first to know about it.

Just go to the product page of a waterproof walking shoe of your choice and see what deals are offered today.