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Women’s Under Armour training shoes

The collection of women’s training shoes from Under Armour may not be very extensive but it is indeed a solid choice. Some of UA’s trainers even beat other popular brands on the market of training footwear with their quality and performance.

UA has got a training shoe for every woman

No matter the intensity and demands of your training sessions, there is an Under Armour trainer for every purpose. The brand offers all-around workout shoes for regular gym sessions as well as higher-class Crossfit trainers for the roughest WODs. The latter can be used for heavy weightlifting, including squats, cleans, jerks, and more. The TriBase Reign series deserves special attention if you are an avid CrossFitter.

Ladies who incorporate lots of jumping into their gym sessions should definitely look towards UA trainers with the words “HOVR” and “Charged” in them. These stand for the high-performance cushioning technologies which stem from the brand’s running shoes.

And if you are someone who trains like “the Rock,” you might be interested in the brand’s collaboration with Dwayne Johnson which resulted in the Project Rock series.

About half of all UA’s training shoes belong to the category of lightweight footwear with the average weight of women’s trainers staying below 250 grams per shoe.

Buy your next pair of women’s UA trainers on the cheap

Under Armour could be considered a rather affordable brand with the average price of its trainers hovering around $100. You can also find more than a dozen of women’s trainers in the $65-90 range, which put it into the cheap tier of training shoes.