Women's Oboz hiking shoes

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buy women's oboz hiking shoes for men and women

Women's Oboz hiking shoes

Are you getting tired of being pushed around on rugged terrain? Sport a pair of women’s Oboz hiking shoes and turn the tables around. Yes, in these “kicks for the tough chicks,” you are destined to become the queen of strides, whether the trail likes it or not!

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An enticing selection of Oboz hiking shoes for women

As far as options are concerned, this female-specific Oboz space is more than sufficient. Case in point: Over 10 pairs of these powerful-yet-gentle hikers make up this ever-expanding collection.

Shoes with leather uppers come aplenty in this lineup. Most of the kicks on display here are waterproof pieces, which deliver full moisture protection in mild-to-moderate rains.

Almost every Oboz pair listed here is part of our lightweight roster. These must-buys weigh no more than 400 g per shoe on average, giving you a truly barely-there experience with every step.

Women's Oboz hiking shoes price-wise

These Jane-empowering hikers from Oboz average around $140. That kind of price might not be very reassuring at face value, but in this case, you get what you pay for. Some shoes cost around $120, which are mostly breathable affairs. North of that price mark, you’ll have access to Oboz’ B-Dry kicks or those that provide complete water protection in inclement conditions.