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Women's high-top basketball shoes

High-top shoes are usually what comes to mind when we talk about basketball shoes not only for men but also for women. Hence, the market is never short of high-top basketball shoe options for the ladies.

Among the most prominent picks are Michael Jordan's signature shoes, which are often released as retros year after year. Nike and Adidas also release high-tops as part of their signature collections and team model series.

The ladies' high-top basketball shoes that suit you

Given the high number of high-tops in the market, choosing the most suitable one can be a challenge. We make things easier by summarizing hundreds or even thousands of reviews for you. These reviews come from experts, frequent players, and hobbyists from all over the web. 

We also come up with a numerical CoreScore that allows you to quickly gauge a basketball shoe's general performance potential. Ratings from experts are, of course, given more weight when we calculate the CoreScore.