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  1. Columbia Plateau - Deep Water/Icy Morn (1987111317)
    Any color
    Columbia Plateau - Deep Water/Icy Morn (1987111317)
    Columbia Plateau - Monument/Fission (1987111036)
    Columbia Plateau - Snowcap/Shale Mauve (1987111105)
    $90 $46 Save 49%
  2. Columbia Crestwood - Mud/Red Coral (1781141267)
  3. Columbia Flow Centre - Steam Fairytale (1928501088)
  4. Columbia Trailstorm Waterproof - Black (1938911010)
  5. Columbia Flow District - Black Lychee (1928511010)
  6. Columbia Vitesse OutDry - Grey (188901063)
  7. Columbia Crestwood Waterproof - Brown (1765411227)
  8. Columbia Vitesse - Black Black Pure Silver 010 (188900010)
  9. Columbia Ivo Trail - Black (1865621010)
  10. Columbia Redmond III - Beige (1940631227)
  11. Columbia Facet 45 Outdry - White/Black (1903591100)
  12. Columbia Peakfreak X2 Outdry - Black Daredevil (1865201010)
  13. Columbia Redmond V2 Waterproof - Pebble/Beet (1865361227)
  14. Columbia Redmond V2 - Pebble/Dark Adobe (1865102227)
  15. Columbia SH/FT Low - Lagoon/Rosewood (1886391457)
  16. Columbia Wahkeena - Grey (1807601033)
  17. Columbia Ivo Trail Breeze - Earl Grey Juicy (1898051025)
  18. Columbia Conspiracy V Outdry - Nero Black Fairytale (1768041012)
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Women's Columbia hiking shoes

If you’re someone who wishes to make a real difference out on the trail, you’d grab the opportunity to snag a pair of Columbia hiking shoes for women. In these kicks for the serious Jane, rugged terrain is a cakewalk. And the cherry on top? You get to show your girlfriends your skill in style.

Also brag-worthy is the way we lower prices. Yes, on RunRepeat, you’ll have access to these fine trail shoes for less!

Dozens of women’s Columbia hiking shoes to choose from

Over 20 pairs of women’s Columbia hikers await you here, making your browsing and shopping experience a breeze. Most of these kicks lean toward the sporty side, so if you’re into such shoes, you’re in the right place.

Do you need something in leather? Or perhaps you need to duke it out there in a pair of waterproof shoes? Whatever you fancy, Columbia has what you need!

If you’re looking for lightweight kicks, this Columbia-centric space has you covered, as well. Summer hiking shoes also abound in this Jane-empowering selection.

Women's Columbia hiking shoes on the pricing scale

“Easy on the wallet” is how we’d describe women’s Columbia hiking shoes. Indeed, on average, these remarkable hiking shoes for her cost no more than $110! You can add to it a few bucks more if you need waterproof kicks, especially those engineered with Gore-Tex.

Overall, Columbia hiking shoes for women are some of the most affordable hikers out there. They can be even budget-friendlier, though, if you shop through us!