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Women’s barefoot running shoes

Barefoot shoes were made for ladies who love that freedom of movement in their feet. They are part of the minimalist category of running shoes but are made even more minimal, letting your foot move around and flex naturally as if you had no shoes on at all.

The Merrell brand is among the most popular choices with their Vapor Gloves and a bit more off-road-oriented Trail Gloves. As the name suggests, these shoes do really feel like gloves with their close-fitting design. The Vapor Gloves are also the most affordable series in the category of barefoot shoes.

But the real gloves have got to be Vibram FiveFingers, with their separate pockets for each toe. That’s what really makes your feet feel barefoot - being able to splay toes as wide as you need.

Xero Shoes have also been a popular choice among avid runners. They’ve got nice and breathable uppers that also manage to give comfort with a bit of padding.

Vivobarefoot shoes have been a hit in the past few years. They probably have the most stylish and visually appealing designs.

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