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Wide Sidi cycling shoes

The fit of your bike shoes can make or break your experience and performance on the bike. With cycling shoes’ narrower-than-everyday shoe-design, many cyclists have a hard time finding models that would fit them correctly. If this happens to you, you should check out bike shoes for wide feet.

One of the brands that offer excellent wide bike shoes is Sidi. Their models with the word ‘mega’ indicate that it has a wide width. 

Variations of wide Sidi bike shoes

The Italian brand offers different types of wide cycling shoes to cater to diverse preferences in the market. Cyclists who frequently ride on paved roads or compete in road cycling competitions should check out Sidi’s wide fit road shoe section.

Bikers who love the rugged trails of the mountains might find their ideal pair in the Sidi wide fit MTB shoe category. Regarding fit adjustments and lockdown mechanisms, the brand offers easy-to-use systems with on-the-go adjustments like BOA dials, Velcro straps, and ratchet buckle.

Sidi wide fit shoes for less

Sidi has the reputation of having expensive shoes and with good reason. The Italian brand’s footwear is recognized as one of the creators of premium quality and top-performing bike shoes. This is the same reason why a lot of bikers are willing to pay full price for their products.

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