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White workout shoes

White kicks look clean, and if you can keep them pristine, that’s going to get heads turning. But when you’re in the gym, that doesn’t matter as much. Worn-looking white workout shoes are a typical sight in gyms. Just be sure they are intact and not falling apart because those won’t do you any good while exercising.

Which white workout shoes to get

Several brands offer workout shoes in white. One of which is New Balance. Most New Balance workout shoes in white are made with a leather upper, which is useful when you’re looking for support at the top of the foot.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more wiggle room, white workout shoes from Reebok would do you well. Some of their trainers use knitted fabric, which allows your toes to spread out.

Another brand to consider, which you probably have on your list, is Nike. Nike's white workout shoes come in leather, mesh, and knit. So you will find one that best suits you, whether it is more foothold, breathability, or room to move.

If this is your first time purchasing, check out RunRepeat’s workout shoe buying guide. You can learn more about what workout trainers are and which products users rave about.

Why purchase from RunRepeat

Affordable: White workout shoes are priced at $100, on average. However, you can find cheap white workout trainers for less than $60. But on top of that, because we have over 200 partner retailers that offer discounts, you can find shoes priced at only $25.

Fast: Click on a shoe, and you’ll be presented with various prices offered and all the information needed to decide which trainer to buy.

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